Poems of the Everyday Nigeria – The Results

Poems of the Everyday Nigeria – The Results

We are pleased to announce that after a period of over a month since the launching of the ‘Poems of the Everyday Nigeria’ competition, the winners have been selected.

The first prize of $150 or 150,000 points goes to Chemokopi for his poem, Time Wars.

Tola’s comments: “I liked this, because it described not just one but two everyday events; the challenge to make it to work on time, and the struggling with an unco-operative digestive system while doing so. I also liked the way it lyrically described the ongoing conflict between the Time (ably assisted by the aforementioned digestive system) and the narrator right up to the climatic moment in the boardroom, with lines like

The Keepers are watching
The long red one is smiling
Ticking away in its glass world
Hanging on the cream wall.
They know Time wins the war
If we advance for Toilet Battles.”


The second prize of $100 or 100,000 points goes to Kola for his poem, The Missed Calls.

Tola’s comments: This was a poem that spirited me away with its inventive use of imagery to describe something as commonplace as missing a phone call. The phone became this desperate courier, valiantly striving to deliver The Important Message that A Call Was Waiting, but failing to breach the multilayered insulation of sleep. Even the atmosphere in which the phone rang was beautifully described:

Your call came again, for the second time

In the still of the night

While dead silence that betrays needle-drop

Held the earth in its cold grip”


The third prize of $50 or 50,000 points goes to Xikay for his poem, Foolish Plastic.

Tola’s comments: This poem shone with wit, even as it richly captured the indignation of the narrator as his card fails to return from the vault of (hard earned) riches with a portion of said riches. I especially liked the opening lines:

The one that keeps my sweated gold
Did make me put my trust in you.
I knew not that your bloodless heart
Would treat me so un-faithfully!”



We offer our congratulations to the winners, and ask that they contact the Admin regarding their prizes.

Special mentions go to the following (in no particular order) whose contributions were judged as being to a high standard:

I Thought I Was A Gentleman – Magic
Unwanted Night Guests – Austin De Poet
The Gentleman – Ohmston Weth
My Little Naija Street – Zazu
Prayer Time – Sunshine
Internetual Love – Bubbllinna
The Morning I Never Had – Oyenwen Odia
The Way Her Light Shines On Me – Jefsaraurmax
Water Rate – Mike
Wed Me I Pray Thee – Mildred Hughes



Again, as this competition ends with this announcement, we would like to thank everyone who has taken part, either by submitting poems or commenting on the submitted poems, and we hope that you have all found the contributions stimulating, thought-provoking and entertaining.

48 thoughts on “Poems of the Everyday Nigeria – The Results” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. I agree with the judges on chemokopi and @xikay‘s poems. They are my persons.
    Let me go read what Kola wrote first before i start…

  2. Good looking.

    I have no idea ‘who wrote what’ but I know Chemo and Xikay – and those guys don’t mess around. They’re good.

    Congratulations. And it’s not just about the winning.

  3. I have read Kola’s poem. It is awesome. But,100 dollars is too much for it, if we consider the contest theme. Or is he winning because the everyday Nigerian experience is a series of missed calls?
    There were better depictions of everyday Nigerian occurrence in the long list.

    1. $100 dollars no too much na. To think out one poem no be small thing o.

  4. Finally!

    Congrats y’all.

  5. Hmmnnn. Read all three winners and I believe they were outstanding. The order, maybe, should be slightly different though. Still, these three are good. Congrats @chemokopi, my oga; @xikay, poet extraordinaire and @kola, newest kid on the block. More to come.

  6. Congrats to the winners.

  7. Congratulations y’all.

  8. A hearty thank you goes to @Admin and @TolaO for the initiative. I had hoped that there would be something for us by way of the judges’s viewpoint of the winning poems.

    I would however want to relinquish my prize to whoever was the 3rd runner up because I dont it.

    Thank you all, especially @kaycee, @Seun-Odukoya and @banky…you guys rock

    1. You don’t it?

      1. Its not like that my brother.

      2. *DESERVE* my bad.

    2. @Xikay, the post has now been updated to include this.

  9. Congratulations to the winners.

  10. Congrats to the winners.

  11. Wow! Congrats! @chemokopi I am so glad for you.
    The other two are ok but
    1. Does every Nigerian use atm cards everyday?
    2. Does Every Nigerian have a phone?
    @TolaO Thanks for this competition
    It has birthed a Sunshine anthology of poems of everyday Nigeria.
    Meany thanksfor sponsoring this.
    More power to your elbows
    More dollars to your bank account

  12. @chemokapi,@kola,@Xikay.You can start preparing for the Sillerman first book prize for African poets.

    1. I am oiling the wheels of my poems already @khadijahmuhammad

  13. Congrats guys and thanks to @TolaO. It was fun…

  14. Congrats to the winners!Thanks for the contest @TolaO. You challenged me and I worked hard at it.I didn’t win but people liked my poem and that’s what matters to me.

  15. I meant to add, I thought “Prayer time” by @nicolebassey was a very strong poem and should have been in the winners.

    1. Thanks @jefsaurmax . I think so toO. Also it woukd be nice to see the final rankings @TolaO.

      1. @nicolebassey, the post has been updated to show some of the non-prizewinning poems that were judged to be of a high standard.

  16. @nicolebassey, sometimes you really baffle me with your comments.

    As a fellow contestant, you should not directly attack any other person’s poem.

    If you discredit my poem and the other one on missed calls because Nigerians don’t use ATMs and phones everyday, can you say that every Nigerian feels like going to toilet on the way to work everyday?

    That “Everyday” tag does not mean it must happen every calendar day. Check your dictionary.

    By the way ma’am if you feel you are a better poet than I am, you can request that @admin or @TolaO award you the price I have since relinquished, voluntarily.

    By the way, every poem deserves to win.

    Thank you.

    1. @xikay
      Yawn. Enjoy. How very undeserving a rejionder, Lol.
      Questions seek answers not insults.

      1. I did not insult you and neither were your remarks QUESTIONS. You deliberately questioned the integrity of winning poems. By that, you have INSULTED the owners of the poems as well as the judge that chose them.

        Do you think I also do not have reservations about the results?

        However, a matured mind would protest without hurting the other contestants who ALL deserve to WIN as far as I am concerned.

  17. I am humbled by the win. Thanks to you all for your hearty congratulations. As always, this competition has made all participants better–bringing out the best in most of us. Special thanks to @banky, @kaycee, @nicolebassey, @seun-odukoya @khadijahmuhammad, @ohmston, @shadiat, and @sibbylwhyte for the special ways you have sent your congratulations and encouragement.

    Finally, thanks to @admin and @TolaO for making us celebrate the little things around us that really are the pixels that make up this big and beautiful mystery called life.

    I will keep improving my art and never stop learning. Greater heights to NS and its community of wonderful writers!

    1. From the bottom of my heart, I do congratulate you. Keep writing.

      1. Thanks @xixay. Congrats too, noble poet!

  18. I’m glad I tried..

    Winners, Congrats!

    1. who knows, you may win next time

  19. Congrats to the winners. Way to go, NS. When upcoming writers win prizes, they are emboldened.

    1. Thanks everybody.This prize is a real shot in the arm

  20. Good one @ Admin, Tola and winners.

  21. Thanks @admin for posting the list!

  22. Congrats guys! it has been fun and excitement all the way since i joined this platform. Cheers.

  23. Thanks everybody for your comments and congratulatory messages.All corrections will definitely be worked on.To the remaining contestants who didn’t win,just know that we all did well.Had different set of judges been chosen to assess our work we would have gotten a different set of winners,things that appeal to us when our sense of judgement are put to test are quite different from one person to another.
    @Admin,i say well done.@TolaO,thanks for giving us the opportunity to indulge our creative impulses.Concerning the judgement you really did a great job,it is not easy to do a dispassionate assessement of other pple’s work.It’s been wonderful to be a member of this literary community.
    My fellow literati let’s be up and doing.It is not always about the money…So dont let,s sacrifice our craft on the altar of pecuniary gains.
    And my feeling right now?Oh I,ve bn caught in a transport of delight ever since i became aware of the result

    1. @kola: Congratulations, co-winner! You deserve the win. More ink to your pen

      1. Thanks co-winner,chemokopi and congratulations too,u also deserve the win.I hope to know you and other brilliant minds in this literary community more,with the passage of time.
        @howudey.thanks a lot

  24. Congrats to you all….

  25. Congrats everyone. May all our inks remain fluid and let this fuel our passions and not douse our yearning to be better poets.

  26. Work more to improve.

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