Parable Of The Talents: Everyone Has Got One 1

Parable Of The Talents: Everyone Has Got One 1

I was reading the book of Mathew one day and I just glance through the 25th Chapter of the book and going along the 14th Verse downward where Jesus Christ was narrating the Parable of The Talent.

Except for those who skipped Sunday School when we are young,we all should remember how the story goes.

Not just a matter of reading the verses and remembering the story as Jesus once said it but along the line,something strikes my mind about this parable and I begin to wonder how the Man given 1 talent could be so impractical and lazy to go and bury his talent waiting to give it back to his master when he returns.

With my little understanding and after a little analytical and practical analysis of the story,below are some of the lessons I think we could all learn from the Parable

1. Verse 14 of the Chapter tells us that A Man(a Master as referred to later in the courseof this piece) was about going to a journey andcalled His servant to entrust His talents(Property or money in this modern day context) into their hand.

Moral Of This: When we are created by God,about to be born into this world,God our master has created and entrust us with one special thing-talent,skills,ability,power,strength etc.

Note that the Master called the 3 servant to give them something meaning everyone of us is gifted by God of something special.

2. Going down the 15th verse,the Master gave 10 talent,5 talent and 1 talent respectively to each one of his servant.

Moral Of This: Jesus never mentions what’s so special about the servant that receive 10 talents neither does He tell us why the Master never give equal talent to the 3 servants.

But when if we analysis that story well,we will deduce the fact that He is their master and He has known each of them for long to be able to know for sure each of their ability and capability to handle chores and many other things. Maybe the servant that gets 10 talents is the most hard working of them all and the one with only 1 talent is the laziest-maybe or maybe not.But one thing is so sure,The Master give each what He thinks he can handle!

God has given each of us talents,skills,ability and many things like that according to our strength and weakness.He created us and He only knows us in and out,He surely has given each one of us according to what He knows we can handle.

For example,He created me as a very skinny guy,I like football a lot but I could only enjoy it been played,I never could go out on a professional level and play football! All because He hasn’t given me the physique of a great footballer,that nevers mean someone else don’t have such a physique-He just knows that such physical buildup won’t be my thing,He surely gives me something else instead!

When think of the disparity of talent distribution by the Master,we could say He isn’t fair in giving someone 10 and giving someone 1,but we should ask ourselves this Islife itself fair? .

The plain and naked truth is that Life isn’t fair at all and would never be fair-Who are we mortals to query God? But the facts still remain that despite life not been fair,each oneof us still have that special thing inside of us waiting to be used and explore.

Think of it-We all have a common 24 hours in a day,we all breathe the same air into our nose meaning as long as we aren’t dead yet,we all are living- this is just enough to tell us that despite our various background,status and environment,we all have the same amount of time other have,what make the difference is only how everyone spends their own,that is what determine to some extent what we get out of life.

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