Our Fire Brigade Approach…

Our Fire Brigade Approach…


I am no poet,
But I just had to write this little ko’ment,
On what I have observed going on,
Since the everyday poem deadline went going, going, gone.

Fire brigade,
That’s the Nigerian way,
Was the start date not August the Sixth?
A!,a!, Guys…gals why are you just submitting it?

Anyway mine is just to enjoy,
All the wonderful words you’ve employed,
But I pity Tola Odejayi and crew
Whose job it is sift through this sudden mount of not a few!

Hey ! This yarn is almost near.
I mean, it was for at least hundred words and I am now there.
Hmm… perhaps I should still send it in,
Under African timin’!

Oh and this fire brigade talk is just not a poet’s thin’
I am sure we are all guilty of this particular sin!

4 thoughts on “Our Fire Brigade Approach…” by amy78 (@amy78)

  1. Ouch!
    This is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautifully crafted and very true too.

  3. Thanks… I logged in one day and they were poems everywhere…and it struck me as pretty hilarious at when they were coming in. Since the topic was on everyday Nigeria stuff. I thought I’ll write about it. Though this is my first attempt at a poem…u poets are really trying ooooo!

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