Oh Cell, Thou Deserter!

Oh Cell, Thou Deserter!



Twisted Cell, your presence my weakness

Your absence my strength

The need for you, the fullness of my being

Yet without you, I live wholesomely

I own one of you, yet your twin eludes me


Upon me you are foisted, streamed from a cord so strong

Far into the waters of my being

Craved cell, did you not want me?

Surely you knew my need of you, desperate

Is it too late to wish?


You deserter! I require naught of you

But my baby does, for he is plagued by you too

Like me, he could do without you

We cannot be bound forever though

Your twin’s desertion, solely to blame


Oh cell! Such grief you bestow

In your haste to be rid of us, you trample in your wake

Love, dreams, hopes and yearnings

To the betroth who have you in quadruplicates

Did they need you more than I, or my beloved?


Cell A, I concede to your supremacy

Why treat me so?

Cell S, did I ask for you, did he desire your presence?

In opposite directions, you plunge us apart

We rip the ties; else on offspring we rain down your venom


Cell so supreme, you do not deign to replicate yourself on mankind

Fortune on a few, doom on the lot

For you, we align with strangers, partner solely for reason

The one thing I seek more than most

That you impede this bleak kismet and eternal morbidity












6 thoughts on “Oh Cell, Thou Deserter!” by MildredHughes (@mildredhughes)

  1. Nice poem,writing about genotype.Cell A and Cell S.lol.@Mildred it is not a bleak kismet.

  2. KEMIII… You will never fail to amaze me. Such vivid pictures, such languid yet heartfelt brush strokes, such skill. You wan know say I nor fit critic ur work sha. But hey, it aint that bad. The right cells will find you… Dis I promise you.

  3. What is bleak kismet?

    1. The varying synonyms for kismet would be fate, lot, fortune even doom
      The varying synonyms of bleak would be miserable, dreary,depressing, drab et al
      Now do the juxtaposition of any of the words and you have an idea, what I was driving at.

  4. Thank God for AA o:)

  5. You are a good poet and this is original.

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