My Tears…

My Tears…

As I write this I am crying. My heart weeps along as the moon seeps through my hostel window. NEPA is not helping and the weather just adds to the whole frustration- very humid. I am weeping not because of that however, my heart bleeds made worst by what it experienced today. I am sorry for this generation! A generation that is not willing to learn from its mistakes. As for me, I have learnt, though at a costly price; very costly.

Unlike many, I was a virgin when I got admission to study the white man’s language 3 years ago in LASU. I don’t mean virginity in its literal context. Who is a virgin anyway? Do we still have them around? Who knows they might be and if you are one PLEASE keep yourself. That is not the reason I am writing anyway, I am writing with the hope that others who are still “virgins” will learn from my errors and make the right decision before it is too late. You may not have chosen this course. Either by accident or free will, you are here now so dance to the music.

My story will make you sit right if you have a conscience; I hope I will be able to communicate.

I was a brilliant student in my secondary school days. I was active in the class as well as in sporting activities. God endowed me with what my mates envied- I was a beauty to relish. I am dark in complexion , with an approximate height of 5 .2.My aquiline nose and good dentition all adds to the feature that distinguish me from the pack. My eyes all rounded characteristics I inherited from my father. All these made me the centre of attention, yet I desired something more. It is true that man’s wants are insatiable.

The first day I stepped into LASU I knew I was going to get that extra satisfaction I craved. But it turned out to be my undoing. If wishes were horses beggars will ride, I wish I was a virgin again- that is impossible now. LASU protruding strength has defied me. I now carry the seed of LASU to bear the surname for the rest of my life! I am ready to bear the consequences but I fear for those coming after me. How prepared are they for the challenges ahead. Some have spent 18 months others an insignificant two months yet they confess to be tired. AHHHHH, I weep.

I will not forget in a hurry the first intercourse. It was a painful experience. Blood was everywhere, I cried throughout the night. My nether region hurt so much. The pains I could not bear. That however did not deter my focus; I was more determined to be the best happening babe on campus! Of course subsequent sessions were amazing rather than pains it was all pleasure.

I remember that day like yesterday. When our first semester results were pasted, I died! A whopping five carry-overs, two E’s and three C’s. What is this? The pains were all over. My head pounded, my belly ache, my nether region bleed. Rather than humbled, I became rude. To those ahead of me in class and to anybody that crossed my part. Of course I was now an active cult member. Who can stop me now? To hell with all the assignments and late night readings. I now know the way.

I would not forget what transpired in the second week of resumption as a fresher. I had gone for lunch when I meet two handsome chaps from my department. I had seen them earlier in class, but familial traditions must be upheld.

“Hello”, the tall one greeted, but I maintained my composure as I ate my meal with manners speaking loudly.

“Leave this babe she just dey form”, the other blurted before I could muster a reply. Can’t you see there is food in my mouth? It is unhealthy to speak while eating.”

“I am sorry. I am Ayeni he is Tobi, can we please join you?” he says with a smile. “Sure”, with little hesitation I expressed and like the saying goes, the rest is history.
Even the lecturers were my sleeping partners. Yes! I did it with the high and mighty. All the clubs from Victoria Island to Badagry were my second home. My life was a living hell. I knew if I did not put a stop to my itinerant, I was going to die, yet I couldn’t come out.
Not to mention the profile rendezvous, it was our orgasm. LASU is just too good. Yet I was trapped until I met Onoidomas.
Onoidomas was God sent. I did not know we still have such types on campus. I thought all men wanted to get in between your legs and have that historic sigh. But not this one he was different. He didn’t condemn me like others will. Neither did he want to sleep with me. He insisted that I follow him to the department fellowship.

After several attempts to woo me, I finally yielded and followed him to a special programme the fellowship had. It was there that I experienced for the first time a sought of peace I was not used to in my life. I am grateful I was at that meeting. My life is all inspiring now.
Today rather than celebrate with the new intakes, I am weeping. Their case seems worst; much more because of the school fees. Some parents borrowed to send their children here. Some sweated extra to cough that amount, yet the efforts so far have not been commensurate.
I will like to ask them this simple question, at the end of your stay on campus, how would you want to be introduced? As Mrs. Pass or Mrs second class lower? Or Mrs second class upper or first class? Now is the time to set your bed right.

But there is hope. There is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again. Before you will lose your virginity the hard way, let me give you hints on how to enjoy your relationship with LASU and let “him” “do” it the right way with you. The first thing you must do is never to look down on your elders. Second, don’t confess negatively. Third, study to show thyself approved that you wrote jamb yourself. And finally avoid friends that will not inspire you. A word is enough for the wise. I will write again when you have tested the strength of this great citadel of learning. I am watching you.

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  1. Wow. This feels so real. I can very much relate.

  2. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    I was confused as to the identity of the writer reading this… @ohmston captured it succinctly, it felt soooo real. The tale of hapless girls… and boys (yes, boys too have stories).

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. It shouldnt have been so confusing. yes readers are supposed to think and read between lines, but the gap between some lines were quite far apart.
    It was rushed too, like u were in a hurry.

    “head ache(d), nether region bled.

    Great message.

    1. Alright,i will have to look into that critically.You are not the first to tell me that I write in a hurry.I will sure work on that.thanks alot.oga @kaycee

  4. yinkus (@yinkus101)

    wow I love this it almost made me cry

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  6. kay (@kaymillion)

    nice one

  7. simply interesting…

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