Love Cliff.

Love Cliff.

I have been on that steep edge,

And I’ve looked down at the bottom beauty with its wonderful pledge.

That cliff takes you to that drunk and light headed verge

Of love before you slip off its rocky ledge.

You would most likely fall off quickly if you are young

Because the wind there is very strong

And it easily picks up youth in its breezy song.

If you are a little older, then you’ll surely belong

At the bottom the moment you release your heart to the breezy song.

If you’ve never fallen off this love cliff

And you are the cautious type with trust so stiff,

You might want to grab a parachute before the bottom takes you like a thief.

If you have flaccid feet

And you fall very quickly with or without the wind’s beat,

You must be careful because some sides are made of rock and others of silt.

Sometimes, below this cliff looks deceiving

So you might want to take a better look before diving.

Some people are too caught up in the sweet felling of falling

That they get half way before they realize that they are merely sinking

In hot harsh quicksand in disguise.

While there are some idly waiting at the top,

Wandering what its like to fall from nature’s longest drop.

Whatever your reasons are for falling

Or whatever your reasons are for holding back at the top stalling

For time.

just make up your mind before you jump off this love cliff.

6 thoughts on “Love Cliff.” by nora dominic (@noradominic)

  1. @noradominic, good rhyming and condensed language. Tells individuals’ experience with love.

  2. Interesting….Love and its height…I like how you painted your picture of love…Well done…$ß.

  3. That is the most artistic poem i’ve seen. The words are used just right, comparing falling in love to falling off a cliff….. Nice!

  4. Hehehe..the things love would make someone do. I wrote something similar sometime. You can check it out here:

    Keep improving your art. Well done.

  5. Very very beautiful poem.

  6. Wow nice rhyming.

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