Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow

Where we stand

We may not see much

But the little we understand

Does not match



With the promise of better

Better empowerment

That a little later

Will harness our endowment



Though great in numbers

And in strength no little

Our leading members

Often riddle



Our aspiration

With doubt

And turn our perspiration

Into nought



In Spain

They take holiday

While in pain

We long for the day



When our dreams

Shall not fail

Neither in steam

Nor in hall



We are alone

In our struggles

And have none

To share our troubles



Some of us

Have no schools

When for them we ask

We are treated like fools



So we

Leaders of tomorrow


In unending sorrow


8 thoughts on “Leaders of Tomorrow” by Anzaa Msonter (@sontel)

  1. Delightfully Simple and deep. kudos

  2. This is nice. Me likes it o! So true.

    1. Thanks for your time.

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