Internetual Love…

Internetual Love…

Across the world wide web,
A bridge of words, we built.
Fingers danced upon the square keys,
Kindred souls in steady sync.
Hopelessly in love, I fell.
I would have kissed and not told,
Cuddled and not just hoped,
But she brandished a band of gold.

She did find a beloved,
Behind the screen of typed words.
Content, she spent her nights in his world,
Dawn’s chorus met her wide eyed-alone,
her face aglow with smiles.
Sir Skype did bring them closer,
Carefreely chatting away the impeding miles.
Now the connection has been cruelly cut,
and another one she has lost.
Her dreams like an irritating fly destroyed.

The damsel discovered; sassy and smart.
Enthralled by her mirth,
Her presence he longed for. Antidote to his boring days,
if she sent a cheerful ‘hey’.
She, he would have danced with,
under the canopy of the citrus tree,
But her nights were spent with another.

Now empty, the web trapped him a muse,
poetry veiled in a she.
Every chat was a penning frenzy.
Mused, till he began to write notes of love.
She closed the account and was gone.
Gone…leaving him bemused.

And now they say;
We have loved, and will love again.
We shall get snared by the silken threads.
Thumbs tapping on keyboards,
We’ll speak of the love we feel,
And even if they be taken,
we would fall in love with love again,
Across the world wide web.

36 thoughts on “Internetual Love…” by Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

  1. I trashed this!! How then is it here?…I removed the everyday thingy…yet it refused to change…I made some edits, yet none of these registered… This poem didn’t tell me it shared genes with a stubborn foetus that refused to be aborted…. All the clicks of ‘apply’ didn’t change anything…

    @admin…Can’t it be taken down anymore?…

  2. It is here, and that is that. Blame it on your Internet medium.
    It is a very very…nice poem, but we can argue on if it has anything to do with the everyday poem contest.

    1. hehehe, I have thrown my phone against the wall, so it would behave. @Kaycee… Thanks… Since you typed ‘very’ twice, then it isn’t as bad as I think… Of course, it falls into the category of Everyday. We could do a survey and you would be shocked at the results…

  3. its a very lovely poem, nd i tink it has to do wit d evryday poem contest. I mean evrybdy falls inlv nd outta love on d www

    1. @sylvia…Thanks sister, you really caught my drift…Most people get on the www to search for love…or lust. Whichever they want…I appreciate…$ß.

  4. The poem itself is not bad, except that may be, you wanted it better than it appears here.

    1. Thanks Anzaa, I wanted it better than this, but then this isn’t bad according to you, so I’ll say ‘All’s well that ends well’…I appreciate…$ß.

    2. @sontel…Thanks Anzaa, I wanted it better than this, but then this isn’t bad according to you, so I’ll just say ‘All’s well that ends well’…I appreciate…$ß..

  5. The poem actually is good, very good sef. If you had tried to achieve a rhyming poetry, it would have been brilliant. And I think the title should be “Across the Worldwide web”.

    Nice job Sibbyl.

    1. @banky… Hmmm…Maybe it would have been, maybe not. But I am quite glad that you liked this one…
      About the title, thought of that, but i wanted to use my own word…. Thanks dearie…$ß.

  6. Hey @sibbylwhyte !..Good piece I liked it , really, but it would have been great if it was tailored more to the “everyday” theme, the theme is present in the poem , but it is not too explicit. So what happened at the end ? Did the girl leave and close the account ?….it seems that to me :P

    1. @aghoghosam…Sam, long time…Glad you liked it…the poem is of different people and their experiences….That girl closed hers, this girl did not…Thanks for reading…$ß.

  7. No need to comment then… On a second thought I think it’s actually a good poem. The contest wants you in it whether you like it or not…hehehe! The prize may want you too, who knows?

    1. @francis…Thanks bro…I still don’t understand the jazz this poem carry sha..make we dey look ‘anya-anya’…$ß.

      1. looool. @ sibbylwhyte you ate one correct poet, @francis you are amazingly positive
        The poem as a poem of internet romance is a 7+ as an everyday Nigeria poem… i dunno. :-) . Well done Jare ;-)

  8. Without an element of doubt, i absolutely love this. Why? I have been the object of ‘many-an-internetual’ love. The words are so descriptive and true enough, one leaves the other panting for more. Thumbs up sister.
    Just asking (whispering), You are an internetual lover right? lol

  9. “Fingers danced upon the square keys”
    Who doesn’t do that here every time?
    @sibbylwhyte yeah good one there!

  10. ‘Am I leaving something behind?

    Oh, here it is $ß.

    1. @dottaraphels
      Oh dotta! You make me grin like a chesire cat with ur comments. Truly they gladden my heart…Thanks dear for loving this…’Boulevard of broken dreams’….sounds like a song title…lol.. Howdy?…Cheers…$ß.

  11. @sibbylwhyte, hey Bubb…

    The world wide web….everyone’s own very personal “boulevard of broken dreams” I love it!

    As always you tease and trick with those little fingers of yours…something finally beats sliced bread, lol.
    Splendid arrangements here Bubb, all well gelled.

  12. I agree, a writer may not be best judge of her work. Here we have @sibbylwhyte dismissing her own work and others praising it. You are in good company of writers who think/thought low of their own work. Contrary to Franz Kafka’s wish that his unpublished manuscripts be destroyed… his friend and biographer, the Austrian writer Max Brod, published them posthumously and thus established Kafka’s reputation (Encarta). I’m glad the internet refused you your wish to deny us this. Cheers!

  13. @mildredhughes…You have? Come, come, tell me your stories…lol..I appreciate your liking this post. Thanks!…$ß.
    *whispering*…No…got a net-date for me?..hehe..

  14. @magic al….Ich bin Immodesta…Modesty ko…talk o…

  15. @ostar…Oh Ken, I am happy you like this…and yes, our fingers dance upon the keys everytime…I appreciate…and here it is….$ß.

  16. In the end the poem was longlisted, Madam I-Trashed-This! :-P

    Creative title, and a truthful capture of Naija society with the internet. Well done, Bubb.

  17. @layrite…you know better than most, what went down…Thanks bro for the help…And I’ll always remember to send my works, so you ll make me take the final step…Maybe Kafka is an ancestor of mine…who knows?…Thanks!…$ß.

  18. @nicolebassey…I appreciate…Thanks!…$ß

  19. @kayceenj…The internet works in mysterious ways…hehe…Thanks a lot bro…I appreciate…$ß.

  20. Congratulations B. Congratulations.

  21. You are the mistress of the game… I mean, you have it right there with you this thing called poetic justice. Keep it up!!

  22. @elovepoetry… Humbled by ur comment miss…I appreciate it.. Bless God…$ß

  23. I couldn’t have not read this…….
    @elovepoetry, @sibbylwhyte is one great true wordsmith……..

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