For each Girl, For each Woman

For each girl mutilated

In the name of tradition

For each girl denied school

And told she is not as smart as the boys

For each girl who has acid thrown in her face

On her way to class

For each girl forced to marry in her teens

A man old enough to be her father

And who will have to bear his children

For each girl set on fire

Because she left her boyfriend

For each woman not allowed to vote

Because her voice doesn’t matter

For each woman hit by her husband every single day

Who is told he has the right to do so

For the all tears she will shed

For each woman who likes women

And that her father tries to marry off

For each woman, left by her husband

Because she didn’t have a son

For each woman raped

Who is told to find witnesses

Because no one will believe her

For each widow not allowed to work,

Worried about the future of her family

For each woman dying of Aids

That her husband gave her

For each girl, for each woman,

Belittled, disrespected,

Humiliated, disfigured,


And killed

There is a man

Allowing it to happen

Are you this man?

33 thoughts on “For each Girl, For each Woman” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. Very good build up climaxing with a question.I am thrilled.This is great! I must say that women have been ill-treated in every dimension but do you also know that some men suffer the same fate? Ask the question too are you that woman? Thanks for sharing this.It indeed calls for action against female subjugation.

    1. thanks @sambrightomo! Some men do suffer indeed but the majority of the victims of violence originating from gender discrimination are women.

  2. I like the message in your poetry.I think it can change if women should bring up their sons with the right messages.

    1. Thanks @khadijahmuhammad! I agree with you that as parents, we need to start at home.I have two sons, 12 and 6, and I teach them to respect everybody and not discriminate.

  3. Nice poem with very good message as well. Very emotional.

    I hope people change their perception about females. One advice I also give females around me, no matter what issues you go through as a female, always learn to come out stronger and prove to anyone who has doubted your abilities wrong. Just don’t stay and lament. Come out and show guys that what a man do, a woman can also do.

    Another very good one Jef.

    1. Thanks @jaywriter! I agree with you about trying to prove them wrong, however sometimes it is easier said than done.Please see the following article:

      1. Pathetic article. The evils people will do to perpetuate their beliefs. It is one thing to disagree with someone, it is another to cause bodily harm or death because of such disagreement. God help us.

  4. Man’s inhumanity to man. May the injustice being meted out to women stop…

  5. Wow, very well written.

    I am not the man.

  6. Khadjiah is right. Nice piece.

  7. Message delivered. Mutual respect should be the hallmark!

    I think the best way to deal with this is not to do to others what you do not want other people to do to you.
    Yes man has power, women do too. It will be good if we all understand that our sex was just some chance encounter between an X and Y chromosome or two X’s.Biologically, it could have gone either way.

    1. Thank @midas! I totally agree with you when you say not to do to others what you do not want other people to do to you. If everyone would follow this, the world would be a better place.

  8. This packs a punch

  9. No. Iam not that man. Good job

  10. Beautiful. The evils many men mete out to women will some day come to an end and be liable for punishment. I agree with almost all your viewpoints.

    And no, I am not that man.

    *you might want to read my poem and see another perspective:

    1. Thanks @chemokopi! I remember that poem. It is true that sometimes women have to juggle a lot of different things. I know I have to every day. I always say to my daughters that the choice is theirs and whether they want to stay at home and raise their children or have a career, nobody should criticize them. My issue is that sometimes women don’t get a chance to even consider those choices and that’s what the poem is about. The absence of choice and the decisions taken by others.

  11. Jeff you really nailed this one,great message and captivating delivery

  12. @jefsaraurmax, you nailed it. Gbam! Thank you for directing me to this poem. We need to raise men that will not be the kind that commit these atrocities against women.

  13. @jefsaraurmax, it is awful what some women and girls go through.
    Things have to change.
    I hope we can all be the change we need.
    Thanks for writing such an insightful poem.

  14. Thanks @olajumoke!Things will change. Just like the Berlin Wall fell and Segregation ended.It is just a matter of time. Writers can make a difference because words are so powerful. People can make a difference by their actions in their every day life. All of us, each with their own means can make a difference. I truly believe it.

  15. greatly written………… the “female” bear so many deprivations because of her gender………….exploring your poem displays the malady vividly and succinctly……………..I think the “female” deserves more than she is getting………..educate a woman, I dare say, and then you are educating a generation………….

  16. Thanks for reading and commenting @innoalifa. I agree with you.Women are not only more like ly to be the primary caretaker but increasingly they are also the primary breadwinner. Educating a girl is increasing chances for her family and society.

    1. @jefsaraurmax, so true, so undeniable…………………the girl needs to return to her proper place in the family and society…………….

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