Everyday Episode in Everyday life

Everyday Episode in Everyday life

It’s Monday morning,

But the clouds has made the sky look like its mourning

Although the clock says 4 O’clock

Homo sapiens can no longer keep their doors under lock

As they hurriedly enter the courtyard

Individually but collectively, everyone chattering away in the yard

A little gossip, a little hiss, a little sigh

Someone eyeing, the other making body sign

Even in the compact of their one room apartment, they are not bothered

As they murmur about the luxury of the affluent whose homes are bordered

Carrying out chores as they sing their chorus

And shaking their bodies gently in rhythm while still time conscious.


Now it is rush hour

Humans swarming the streets like bees in their breeding hour

Paths overtaken by footsteps

And markets buzzing with traders

Roads talking with vehicles racing on top

Airplanes hooting at the top

Lagging or brisk walking, feet hustling to destinations

The air alive with noises from human exclamations

Hurriedly jumping into a bus or hopping into a private car

And the luxury of villagers walking long distances to their farms afar

One wonders between the villagers and city dwellers who expend the most

As it is difficult to decide between the hustles of the city and the hassles in the village which exhausts the most.


Ladies cat walking like in a parade

Playing hard to get, although it’s all a charade

For at night they moan on the beds of their hunter

And you wonder what the pretence were all for, if one can’t keep her pants up for her Saviour

The internet becoming a disease

For the pressing of buttons and tapping of keyboards never cease

As young men hunt for games online

Practicing poetry on ladies who have set themselves above their line

Everyone clutching a BB for pinging

Or at least a Nokia 2700 for chatting and browsing

Creating dual personalities and deceiving themselves

Building castles in the air where conductors become pilots in a ploy to catch games for themselves.


Great minds at work producing great ideas

And fools busy getting from their foolery cheers and curses

People quarreling and shouting at each other

Friends gisting and laughing with one another

People busy getting hooked and unhooked for pleasure

Work and money becoming a priority and treasure

A little laugh, a little tear, a little joy, all make our day

And at night we thank the Lord for keeping us from harm’s way

With all our differences tearing us apart

Our lives remain entwined in part

For we share the same ordinary experience from the waking crow of the cock in the dawn of a new day

To the hooting of the Owl in the dark at night, announcing the close of the day.

7 thoughts on “Everyday Episode in Everyday life” by uzywhyte (@uzywhyte)

  1. lost me a bit, i feel no melody to these words, you try.

  2. I like these lines:

    Paths overtaken by footsteps
    And markets buzzing with traders
    Roads talking with vehicles racing on top
    Airplanes hooting at the top.

    Well done.

  3. I like your poem. I read your talent.

  4. @chemkopi, thanks for your comment @kaycee, I’m glad you like it @chisome, I really do appreciate your criticism.

  5. Narrative poetry

  6. @ogwodavies, thanks my PM @ostar, thanks for the comment

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