Changing World

We are battered

Worn clothes of tattered republik

Our pubic hairs now forbidden before clippers

Salt cum ash is better paste

Kuli kuli eating with delight

Bush lamp light up

“Don’t shout up NEPA!”

We got no paper for exams

We face book while others Facebook

We google everything even our names

My parrot makes noise of twi-twi

“Not Twitter”

Blackberry ping near girl Ling

Youths have gone bananas

Wearing swaga

However, none answers Kabba

Dancing Azonto.

4 thoughts on “Changing World” by Uchechukwu Obiakor (@uchechukwu1)

  1. Salt cum ash? Whatever that means! Methinks this piece is kinda disjointed and jerky. Creativity–and gutsy!.

  2. Don’t understand where you are coming from or going.

  3. Worn clothes of tattered republik

    Guess I have one.

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