A Tussle For Biwa

A Tussle For Biwa


By oji chisom Emmanuel.


At dawn, as sun rises, each day beckons

The gongs which beats the music of life sounds

Unaware we dance to it to earn pounds

To find our bacon, at expanded seconds

Some forget to rise from the place of lay

Letting the night cover them like blanket

Some get as weary as they go for get

Forgetting first to put their minds at bay


But me, I awaken to the sun ray

And shoot like an arrow to a target

Because a motion has caused me to get

This is a sign of hope for a bright day

I too will dance my rounds to earn more pounds

Wine in moonlight, and merry to the gongs

5 thoughts on “A Tussle For Biwa” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. Thats more like it.
    Well done.

  2. I don’t get this very well. But you know your craft. Well done.

  3. well done, has a nice ring to it…

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