A Poet’s Loneliness

A Poet’s Loneliness

You’d never know it’s lonely,

‘Til you hold my brazen pen

You’d write a tender line,

Her emotions will prattle by


Happy poems may come freely

The sad ones will befriend your pen

‘Til your readers cry silly


Sing a lullaby with sonnets

Compose endless soul cantatas

You’d spread your ambiguous words

Make this poem an unsolved riddle

‘Til no one but you cracks her puzzles


Some bibliophile may find them a fancy

Only ‘cos he’s a damn fine collector


You’d never know it’s lonely,

‘Til you hold my scorching pen

You’d write the verity of eternity

And some’ll think you wrote a bunch


You’d never be there to go explaining

Your lines will frolic a hundred meanings

‘Til their obscurity shrouds your loneliness


And the world will never know

Just how truly lonely you are.




25 thoughts on “A Poet’s Loneliness” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. I’d not want to hold that scorching pen. Beautiful poem Weth. Surely, there must be a way out of that loneliness. Perhaps…

    1. @mildredhughes: pray tell, what way would that be…?

  2. Well. ‘Lonely’ is not the word I’d use. I think I’d use ‘alone’.


    1. Well I don’t see much difference between both words. I think its just a matter of semantics.

      1. Nice one @ohmston. The difference between alone and lonely is how you feel about it.You can be alone without feeling lonely.

  3. At the start of the poem, the idea of the writer being ‘lonely’ as he craft’s a piece of art is accurate. Towards the end, you introduce the idea of readers not understanding the writer’s meaning or intent, and so he is or should be ‘alone’ but not necessarily lonely in his access to the work’s true meaning.

    1. Thanks for helping me out wit that explanation @Obisike.

  4. Hmmm…this is nice. It struck a rhythmic cord. I like how it made me feel like I was flowing in the water of some silent music. Poems should do this.

    Well done Weth. Keep improving your art.

    1. @Chemokopi: thanks man. The improvement of the art, we must.

  5. @Ohmston The mother of invention is solitude. Good work. But please avoid the Soyinka-like big words. Simplicity of diction is praiseworthy.

  6. iLearn. iGrow. Everytime I read a well written poem like this…

    1. Aint we all students? Thanks man.

  7. Give me a pen and a paper, throw me into a dungeon
    with a spade of light penetrating throw the crevice,
    take away all the rest….

    1. So true. Dats all a writer’ll ever need.

  8. I agree with yahayamadu. in solitude, great ideas are unleashed…i wouldn’t worry about loneliness as a poet though. Well done ohmston!

  9. @ohmston: The things borne out of a quiet solitude echoes through eternity. I suppose it’s that hollow feeling that makes a commonplace experience so profound for a poet.

    I guess for the muse too, one is company, two’s a crowd.

    1. I cant agree more.

  10. @ohmston; this is a lovely poem,I really like the rhythm.

    1. Am glad you enjoyed it.

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