When Our Love Died

when our love died.

I heard it in your voice,

and even in your laughter.

I felt it in your touch.

I smelt it in your kisses,

kisses, like death;

hunting my soul.

yet, i refused to notice

when our love died.

My heart cried blood,

my eyes bled and burned,

tears eloped, nausea engulfed my being.

My stomach ached from its grip,

my feet shivered from waiting.

It hurt, yet i did not feel the pain.

I was pregnant with fears unborn,

when our love died.

My head could not forget you.

My heart could not hate you.

My voice could not reach you.

I stopped sharing or  even caring.

Infrared rays stopped transmitting,

and i felt distance,not between places

but between  hearts,

when our love died.

My clock stopped ticking

as the sun burnt my dark skin at noon

when i waited to hear you call me ” angel”.

The moon frowned at me at dusk,

when i waited to hear your laughter

or your voice hoarse like the midnight owl.

Time died ,

when our love died.

I spoke in parables,

wrote in poems,

thought in proverbs,

and sang a high soprano pitch.

My cheek bones stood out,

my eyes fled from their sockets,

I became blind and deaf,

when our love died.

My lips were numb,

all reflex actions seized to function,

my breasts dried up,

the flowers in my garden perished,

and my bones lay heavily on my spring bed.

when our love died.

I died

but my love remained alive.

10 thoughts on “When Our Love Died” by kelora (@okelani)

  1. Hmmm I like this. Thanks for sharing

  2. This is really good! The description, the imagery, the language, they all built on the depth of emotion, the strength of loss.

    There was only one mistake, you used seized for ceased.

  3. Nice work, but the emphasis on emotions and sentience could have been better expressed using metaphors and poetic devices. Some imagery here sounded a bit cliche. Nonetheless, I applaud your work.

  4. I do take note of all your observations. Thank you. I wrote this piece just exactly as i felt it, i imagine it needed to be cliche for emphasis.

  5. This is very good. I like the imagery. Reminds me of my all time favorite, Keats ” shatter the sky”…
    ” I shall not die; I shall be dead.”
    Well done

    1. You got more than a one- liner from me!!!

  6. thank you so much @magic

  7. That’s the worst part of it, “My heart could not hate you.”
    Great piece.

  8. @okelani madam! I had a few problems…especially with the use of punctuation marks. I must say they were ‘profusely’ used, even where (to my reckoning) they were not needed.

    You see, I like to read poetry for ‘connection’; try to follow the poet’s train of thoughts and all….So, I found myself stopping and starting, and going back to try and link tinz together. Wasn’t particularly nice.

    However, the piece is wonderful. Fully expresses the pain felt by a heart that is broken. There is hope, yeah? Cos Love heals all….right?

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