What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

Like the innards of space

Deep, wide and uncharted

So you were, perhaps

Before puberty’s sun

Set upon your star

You fine sands untrampled

Your blackholes undiscovered

Your vegetation

Rich and luxuriant

Your atmosphere unpolluted

Shielded by the ozone layer.

But space is God’s playpen

For restless man

He who must boldly go

Where no other has

A probe here

 A thrust there

And a virgin planet

Is discovered and desecrated

Now, you hover aimlessly

In uncharted space

 A burnt-out star

Collapsed into a blackhole

Waiting, perhaps

To be rediscovered

By restless man.

(Inspired by the song “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” by REM)

5 thoughts on “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. It has done the world much good, these explorations into virgin…territories.
    Let the explorations continue.

    1. I don’t see how the title relates with the poem.

  2. A dirge for lost virginity abi? Wandering though, why didn’t you make it a poem on the act itself? sweaty, beautiful coitus, or not. This is shrouded…

  3. hmmm, depth and beauty , nice. Well done.

  4. Na wa O! Vivid descriptions…

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