Tunde and Seun… Remi and Toyin(5)

Tunde and Seun… Remi and Toyin(5)

Hi all! Sorry for the break in transmission on this.  If you are new to this story you would have to start from episode one to follow. 

Toyin dragged herself through the mess she had made to the guest bathroom. The journey took an agonising five minutes because she couldn’t stand up. She closed the door and slumped on the floor and began to cry profusely. Hot tears coursed down her face mixing into the cuts and bruises; making them sting. But right now nothing compared to the pain in her heart. Her only consolation was that her two children who were in boarding school and had not been here to witness what had just happen.

This was not the first time Remi would hit her, but this was by far the worst beating she had ever received from him. She had known it would come to this. But what could she have done? Stand back and watch him give away all they had slaved for their children to another woman? She had been too naive. She should have insisted that she be made joint signatory to the account. As things stood and after what had just happened the account will soon be if it was not already empty. She had learnt to over look the indiscretions, but she drew the line when it came to her kids. They were the only thing that made sense in this hell of a marriage. A marriage she had been warned not to go into…

“Remi! Remi! I made it!”She burst into her boy friend’s room.

 Remi was sitting on his bed. She rushed straight into his arms, knocking him over. 

“I made a first can you believe it?” She said with excitement.

“Oh congratulations.”

 The compliment had lacked warmth. 

“My mother would be so happy! She has been praying so hard for me and…Remi ? Is something wrong?” She asked suddenly noticing his mood.

“Nothing is wrong.” He muttered is eyes remained glued to the television screen.

“How was your result?” She asked suddenly worried that somehow maybe he had a carry over.

“I made a two-one.” 

“Oh Baby sorry! And you were so close to making a first class.” She said.

“Closer than you! I am sure it is because you were girl that is why they gave you your own.” Remi said.

 “Remi! That is unfair! I worked very hard for my first class!” She said feeling very hurt by the statement.

“Are you saying I did not work for mine?” He asked.

“No… I am not saying that…”

“So what exactly are you saying! ” He demanded.

“Remi don’t get angry… what I meant was…”


That was when she should have noticed that Remi was an extremely jealous individual. But she had remained blind. She remembered the conversation she had had with her mother right after she had told her that she wanted to marry Remi.

“Toyin… I don’t think you should marry that boy.”

 She rolled her eyes. “Mummy what are you complaining about? I thought all mothers wanted their daughters to marry guys with the prospect of a good future, Remi is hard working, from a comfortable home…”

“… not to mention handsome abi? Toyin , you are right about every mother wanting a good man for their daughter. But remember when you marry, you not only marry a person’s achievements you also marry the person’s personality.”

“So what is wrong with Remi’s personality?” She challenged.

“You want the truth I think he is a self centred chauvinist.” 


“Sorry Toyin, but I am your mother don’t expect me to lie to you. Whenever you are around him my strongly independent daughter become almost non-existent. You are afraid of him. You hardly speak. You are always the one running after him and begging after a quarrel. It is like you’re maid and he is your master. ”

“That is not true!” She protested. 

“ Toyin, I understand your desire to please him especially since he is the first man in your life…”

“And whose fault is it that he is the first man in my life?” She had thrown back.


“ I bent back and worked hard so that you will spend as little money as possible on me If I hadn’t I would have dropped out of school years ago. ”

“ Toyin I did my best under the circumstances.”

“Mummy I am not saying you didn’t try…but I have sacrificed a lot. Things are looking up now. I thought you would be happy that I am getting married.”

“Getting married is not as important as marrying well. They are not the same thing.” Her mother said.

“ Mummy this is my opportunity to settle down.”

“ Toyin, your anxiety to get married is making you blind to certain issues. You should not be looking for an opportunity to get married but someone to get married to.”

“ Well I have found someone but your complaining.” She muttered.

“I am worried that you want to go through with this because you think no one else would come along.” Her mother said passionately.

“Well you are right about one thing I don’t want to be alone, I want a husband and children. It has taking twenty four years for me to meet my first boyfriend and your asking me now to throw him away for some obscure reason that only you can see…

“He doesn’t treat you right Toyin! If things are like this before you marry I am scared…” 

“Look Mummy I am not a child and I am not going to wait another twenty four years for another guy who suits your parameters to show up! In fact, mummy please can we stop talking about this?”

 Her mother sighed heavily.

“Ok, fine but at least open your eyes and see what I am telling you. If you can see him for what he really is and decide you still want marry him then I won’t stand in your way.”

“Mummy whether you choose to stand in my way or not I have made up my mind I am getting married to Remi!”

The memories hurt almost as much as her wounds. If only she had listened. Worst the woman was no longer alive to help or advice her. She sat on the floor for a few more minutes. Then gathering enough strength to stand up, she stumbled to the wash hand basin. She winced as the over head mirror threw back her reflection to her. One side her face was completely swollen. Opening the medicine cabinet she pulled out the bottle of painkillers and sleeping tablets. Opening the tap she quickly drank the painkillers. She held on to the sleeping tablet vial for a few seconds longer. It was almost full. It would be so easy to just swallow everything …but the suicidal desire died as quickly as it had come. She couldn’t do that to her children. She took the recommended dosage and returned the vials to the cabinet.

With great difficulty she made her way out of the bathroom to the guest room the usual ten second walk felt like a mile’s trek. Her whole body was screaming for respite by the time she got to the door. She let herself in and landed like a log of wood on the bed. The tears began to fall again and she wept silently into the pillows until the sleeping tablets took effect.

Six hours later she was woken up by a sharp pain in her back and burning sensation in her stomach. She recalled she taken her drugs on an empty tummy. She needed the painkillers again but she couldn’t take them without eating anything. She pushed herself up, but her body refused to obey her. She sighed and tried again but only succeeded in getting her upper body to move. Confused she lay back down again. Was she still asleep? She glanced at the windows. Early morning sun rays were streaming through the gaps in the curtains. No, she was definitely wide awake. She moved her left leg or rather tried to but failed. Alarmed coursed through her, she tried the right leg but there was no response. No… She must be imagining things. Making use of the bust of adrenaline triggered by her alarm, she try to stand up from the bed , but ended up on floor her right leg twisted at angle that should make her scream in pain… but she felt nothing…absolutely nothing.




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  1. The tragedy trudges on. What fine writer you are @amy78. beautiful threads.

  2. CHARLES (@literarymouthpiece)

    Hmm. Women should be wise, but I guess love is blind. It always will be.
    Good one. . . But it can still be better.

  3. oooh na!
    You guys should write happy things na. I am begging. Repair that leg and that marriage!!

    1. Kaycee!!! So u can be soft like this? I didn’t know oooo!

    1. Thanks. Comments much appreciated

  4. “Getting married is not as important as marrying well. ” This should be recited by every lady of marriageble age thrice a day. Very good work.

    1. Lol !! Amen my sister! Perharps we should bold,underline and post it on billboards as well…

  5. Sighs. What a story. Now that the consequences of these wrong choices have begun to take their toll, I can’t wait to know what is going to happen next. @amy78; having come this far, I’d say, so far so good and it’s getting better. Thumbs up.

  6. Thank you very much. Glad ur enjoying it.

  7. I held my breath at the end. What could be wrong? Can’t wait to see. Well done dear.

  8. Good writing, though I don’t understand this line, “She recalled she taken her drugs on an empty tummy….”

  9. Good writing, @amy78. The ending, where Toyin realises that something is terribly wrong was especially chilling. Well done.

  10. @amy78….awesome! I love it, really. Had my friend read this and had to explain about the “drug” bit.

    I know it’s naija lingo, taking drugs which we all know is medication prescribed or otherwise. That aside, more please.

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