Transition: My last thoughts

Transition: My last thoughts

In my own pool of blood I lay
Pondering, why with this was I paid?
A gunshot in my thigh, missing my phallus slightly
Lucky chap, I burst into heavy laughter, taking it lightly

All my life I watched flicks & read lots of stories
Of people who die in many ways so gruesome & gory
It’s funny, for today & this minute I write mine
In strings of thoughts, endless, bursting through my mind

I am littered like rubbish on this gravel road, alone
My eyes scouring the skies; I am perplexed with flashes of home
High definition pictures of loved ones flickering up in my head
Always I hoped when I did die they’d surround my death bed

But a pity it’s different now, that is one lost wish among many
What happens now to my dreams, for I doubt i if i fulfilled any
Hot tears roll down my ears as I think of my father
I didn’t get to build him that house, Oh! My lovely little brother

The creative bond we shared, Oh! My sweet loving mother
My backbone, my strength, now my heart shatters
For I will never get to see her nor my sisters whom
Have been my everything until now I’ve met my doom

And my woman, I will miss her softness, her moans
Wrath of Dionysus befall any man who beds her after I am gone
A million and one days and nights we lavished in each other’s arm, in bed
That I did not put a little boy and girl (like me) into her I solely regret

Slowly it blurs & darkens, all I see is pitch blackness and many stars
My life in retro, playing for my view, speeding past like fast cars
So this is how life ends (smiling), death is vile and deliciously evil
Shall i ask for a second chance to right my wrongs, Oh! Why evils

Death is inevitable, so i face it squarely for i know it has no mercy
This my own end, after a life of vanity, did I live a legacy?
I guess shall not be able to tell now, for I am headed home
Either By Abraham’s side, to Hades or Abbadon, its still unknown

7 thoughts on “Transition: My last thoughts” by Blaise Aphascea (@aphascea)

  1. Hehe, I will tell nairaland pepo for you. :-) . correction – leave a legacy not live.
    I like it my favourite line- one wish among many
    Good Work.

  2. lol, no mind my typo, abeg no report me oh, maKe u ovalook am…tnx a greAT DEAL..

  3. Good Sad poem… Great imagery

  4. A work splendid of art.

  5. Respect.
    You did this very well.

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