The Sun I captured

As Dawn swept her chariot across the gray skies of the morning,

I sat before my easel, blank and unadulterated as my mind

My eyes skimming the sunrise, my pencils at the ready.

I wanted to capture the virgin beauty of the Sun,

The dazzling grandeur of her form,

And her soft ascension into the azure blanket of the sky.

So I bent forward and my first stroke captured an eye

The lead in my finger fleshed out the clean lines of the orb

Bringing to life the warmth that welled within

The twinkle therein that spoke of a thousand things.

Just like the morning dew upon the greenery beside me,

The eye glistened, its sweetness duplicated on the other side

Twin pools of compassion that beckoned on the beholder

With an intensity that assured me that the sun

Was slowly coming to life on that page on my easel.

My hand moved and the sweeping lines of the nose took shape

That bridge that hung archly beneath the eyes

Fastened with symmetry that flowed to the mouth below;

Guiding my pencil to form those thick erotic pouty loads,

Lips with the tilt of a smile that made my heart stop

Lips that swelled with the promise of passion and pleasure

With the presence of a newborn on my drawing paper;

Maneuver through them and you see the ivory white towers

That border an orifice of ecstatic desires;

And then, of its own accord, my hand moved in broad strokes

Brushing out the dark tresses that tumbled down in waves,

A crown of locks so fine it streamed like a hirsute waterfall

Kissed to a sweet disorder by the breeze that flitted by

Veiling, beneath its cloud of ebony mist, the flushed cheeks

And all the sultriness wrought by my pencil

That this figure may wear her finest ornament falling free and unfettered.

Thence all these features came together to frame within

The supple glory of the most queen-like face,

This gamine visage held in check with a wanton grace.

I was filled with reverence even as I traced its edges

And I understood how God must have felt on the day of creation

For this illustration of mystery I knew with the most intimacy

This one beautiful face in a sole halo of light.

Then I realized the sun I’d drawn was nothing like the golden ball above

For now that it’s risen, it blazed down with a ferocity that repelled me.

Nay! The sun on my canvass shone with a warmth

A depth of beauty that drew me in

A mass of brilliance that lit the caucus of my heart;

The sun I’d captured was You – a beauty unadorned and unsullied

Every line, every stroke, every brush was the sun I captured – just the way you are.

23 thoughts on “The Sun I captured” by Walter (@sidhartha)

  1. Awww how sweet :-) . Good work.

  2. Woooow!! The last two lines was just stating the subtly obvious.
    I think I just met another excellent poet. Move over, @loneranger, mover over @shai, @xikay
    No, xikay, you stay, you too sabi.


    1. Hhehehehee! Gracias, Kaycee. But let the others stay. We can all share the spotlight together,can’t we?lol

  3. Abeg make every poetry loving NS member clap and give 10 gbosas for this poet, Wonderful poetry!

    1. Kai! @xikay, if I were white,I’d be blushing furiously right now. Thanks.

  4. @walter, beautiful poem…the sun you captured though, who was it? I’m thinking the capitalised ‘Y’ in the ‘You’ of the last but one line, was representative of a Higher being. God, perhaps?

  5. @sidhartha, beautiful poem…the sun you captured though, who was it? I’m thinking the capitalised ‘Y’ in the ‘You’ of the last but one line, was representative of a Higher being. God, perhaps?

  6. Damn! From which planet of poetry did you come out from Walter. It’s this kind of stuff that makes me want to be a poet. Kudos bro.

  7. Thank you a million times to you all. I appreciate the love in this place. This is actually my debut poem here, as I’m new in NS. Thanks again

    1. Wait till you write rubbish, you will feel the other side of the love.

      1. Hehehehehee! Glad for the reality check.

  8. Oh my God! This is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

  9. Beautiful! Just beautiful!

  10. WOW…what a poet!

  11. do u als draw as well as u write?

    1. Nah. Used to, but that’s a gift that didn’t make it out of secondary

  12. Excellently done

  13. Again, many thanks, ya’ll.

  14. Welcome Mr. Walter.Lets see if you can duplicate it or your just a one poem wonder.

    1. Lolz. I’ll try.

  15. “a crown of locks so fine it streamed hirsute water fall” this is very captivating. it uses words in such a way that they actually paint a picture. nice!!

  16. In this poem, I see image-in-action, wowie! Kudos.

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