The Myth Of Fingerprints

The Myth Of Fingerprints

The fabled General

Rescued from the infamy

Of a phantom treason

And favoured

With the spoils

Of a Baron’s martyrdom

But denied the privilege

Of a political trifecta

Gifts the unyielding subjects

A sickly totem

A presidency of the elected selected

Emasculated by ill-health

And spousal wiles

Succeeded by the reluctant unintended

Emasculated by a lack of will power

And overwhelmed by the cesspool

Of his own making.

An assemblage of fraudsters and perverts

Denizens of the underworld

And patrons of red light districts

Clothed with the false raiment

Of nobility and integrity

And charged with the responsibility

Of scribing laws for the good of all

They favour instead

Laws that multiply their wages

For the least amount of work done

Peddling integrity for a mess of porridge

A temple fabled with a totem

 Blindfolded for a just cause

Is desecrated by priests

Who for the right price

Will peek to see

For whom their scales will tilt

These are the architecture of our democracy

Hoisted on a tripod of deceit

Selfishness garbed as altruism

Ignorance passed off as wisdom

Infamy disguised as integrity

Exhorting cluelessness as a virtue

Denouncing accountability as treason

A nation of supine sheep

Herded by thieving shepherds.

(Inspired by the song “All around the world or the myth of fingerprints” by Paul Simon)

4 thoughts on “The Myth Of Fingerprints” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. Very apt. I particularly liked the phrase ” a presidency of the elected selected.”. Can also read ” selected elected.” Good job

  2. A nation of supine sheep ehn? lol. @xikay will like this. Good Work.

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