Song From My Soul

Song From My Soul


Song From My Soul

This violin is my pen, I am the player.
I use this tune to ink teary words.
I peel my haunted soul – each layer–
As I make my song on these chords.

See not my tears as salt waters–
They are are but rivers of seasoned grief.
They flow for me, for sons and daughters:
Silent but pregnant with unbirthed grief.

I have seen thirst standing in the river;
Hungry I’ve been, standing in the barn.
Where some have smiled, there I quiver;
Orphan I am, I look for my father’s arm.

I slow no tune to make you somnolent-
But my voice shall tear down walls.
I am knight. I string my lance, my instrument:
Listen, a troubled soul, helpless, calls.


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29 thoughts on “Song From My Soul” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. You’re a wonder!

    1. Is that for me or the boy @ayistar ? Thanks for reading.

  2. In the picture, is that boy feeling the music or is some teacher standing behind him with a long koboko?

    1. @sontel dont mind @kaycee.. You know he used to peel bum bums with koboko as a prefect. e think say na every pesin be like am.

      1. i zoomed the picture; i saw the koboko

        1. @kaycee, did you see that the person wielding the koboko is you?

          1. Yes indeed @sontel. @Kaycee was a bad ass koboko master. [though he could only flog the tiny weeny ones, being afraid of being punched to death by the big offenders!]

            1. Sounds like the typical college prefect who flogged the weak ones and made friends with the giant guys who owned gangs in town. It was usually a mutually benefiting setup.

              1. Bless you @sontel

                Nothing wrong in being smart

              2. So @sontel are you now supporting bully whiplashing @kaycee? Even flogging someone playing music

                1. Kaycee considers that smartness, even though I doubt.

  3. Beautiful.

    1. and my sweetheart @nicolebassey has spoken…and her verdict is positive. yay!!!

  4. Your poem does not waste words and yet tells its story with masterly accuracy. The story itself is quite touching.

  5. @ xikay sounds the voilin with the spirit of ascending ink.

    1. @yahayamadu so its poetry for poetry…thanks Sir.

  6. Splendid as usual…

  7. I’m still looking at this boy’s picture and really @xikay, the picture alone tells 70% of the pain in the poem. I should like to use this picture on my blog (with permission, though). As I look at it again, I can feel his pain and see his tears; indeed, I hear his voice.

    1. @Sontel, feel free to use the picture jare. I usually google pictures that reinforce my poems before publishing them. I must say however that I do not hold the copyright to the picture…na google things.

      1. Okay. Thank you. But if Google catch me, na you give me permission o.

        1. I don ready my lawyer @sontel …you nko?

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