I was over you,

Over your clean strong scent

Your warm hugs and pink peppermint,

Done with longing for you

To call  at midday

And ask

How is my queen today?


I had conquered you,

Wiped your taste off my tongue

Burnt your pictures,

One by one

Till everything was ash

Cold burnt bitter

Just like my heart.


I was healing fast,

I no longer hurt so much

When our song played,

Didn’t imagine

Your touch anymore

On my lips, my waist, my hair.

I learnt how to cook for one

To finish my drink alone

To hold my umbrella in the sun,

Find in work and wine my fun.



I was over you,

My heart no longer

Skipped a beat

When I walked past your seat

I now kept the bed so neat,

Gone was the longing and the angst

Buried the Anger that I housed

I was free


I was whole at last

Delivered from hoping


Rescued from living

In make believe,

Done with the exquisite pain

Of watching you dress up

And return to her

Again and again.


I was over you,

Until your call

Came through

And shattered

my walls

And all

I can do

Is watch them



37 thoughts on “Relapse” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. A grahical smiley at the end?Original.Good poem.

    1. :-) , an experiment gone wrong @yahayamadu, forgive me.

  2. LOL. And flat did the walls fall……and loud too. Thumbs up girl. I love this .

    1. Braaaaaakkaaaang! abi? thanks @starrilyn. You are highly appreciated.

        1. @sunshine Here I am!

  3. Eya….maybe u needed not be over him in the first place….

    1. @Anyi what do you advise? A tug -of-war?

  4. Sorry o! I can lend you cement if you want though…

    1. Hian! @francis you wan kill my MC? No be cement mata be dis o!.lol. Thanks for reading.

  5. Wow, wow, wow…
    Thumps up…
    What do I say…

    1. Lol. 9 words!!! Thanks @magic

  6. i cn relate wit dis……….good poem, gud poet

    1. Why, thank you ma’am @gabbletalker

  7. did any1 notice d contrast btw stanza 1 and d last stanza? D 1st stanza is strong like wall while d last stanza crumbl like a fallin wall. Du courage sunshine. U’re gud @ your craft. I pray d lord wil lift u up to d greatest height of your career. Amen

    1. Wow! @samueldpoetry your review is amazing, you really have a poet’s eyes for aesthetics, a million thanks. And Amen, God will do more than you can imagine for you and yours too. Amen.

  8. London bridge is falling down, my fair lady.
    Please re-erect the walls, cos when he walks in this time, he just might walk out again. Then it would become a hurt-filled process.
    Love the simplicity of the lines…Well done Sunshine…$ß.

  9. Sweet poem. Enjoyed it.

    1. And I am mighty glad you did @louis

  10. Touching and ‘relatable’… beautiful poem.

  11. story of my life,but im the breaker of the fence/wall.well written.
    PS: is this based on a real life experience?

    1. Ehn… ehn! So @johnnysnow so now we know!
      Errrm … not really ;-)

  12. I can relate with this…


  13. hesey (@hesey)

    I so relate to this poem…Loving it die……..

  14. Thanks @hesey ! You had me laughing out loud with your expressiveness am sooooo glad you like it hope to write more relatable poems.
    Ps Wekcome to NS! You are such Fresh air!

    1. where are you @hesey

  15. Great start, build up and wonderful climax…lovely curtain closer…well done.

    I still see the same comma for full-stop here o!

  16. Thanchu! @xikay, hmmm, OKay Now reading top500 poems at with special emphasis on punctuation.Thereafter may/maynot wrire a post on punctuation in poetry, If done, it will attract 50 cube points access fee. For discounts Prepay your 30 Cube points now ! :-|

  17. meanwhile where the comma? @xikay?

  18. Tyranny of routine, great tale upon an ink-line!

  19. @nicolebassey loving your works more and more……… still reading

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