Prodigal Girl

Prodigal Girl

So you are a big girl now?

You prance about in platforms

Step on toes with defiance

Toss your hair in arrogance

Like a peacock in a lone dance.

When will you come home?

Mama made your favourite soup

Papa wants his friends to meet you

Your stool is covered with mildew

It’s hard pretending we don’t miss you

What are you doing now?

In bed with some Alhaji

Eating suya sushi and spaghetti?

Do you still remember

Where you are from?

Can you find your way unguided?

Or will you need a map and co-ordinates?

Will you find this house with no gate?

Or avert your eyes

Too ashamed to gaze?

You say its a jungle out there

So all you think of is survival

Being better than your rivals

Wearing Prada and Jimmy Choo.

Young lady, I just pity you,

Because when this race

Called life is through

You’ll learn that things

Are just deceptive

Not truly representative

Mere toys for the festive

Not worth selling your soul for

Not worth walking out the door

Living like you never had a family

Self deceit is the worst type

after all your glitz and  hype

When are  you coming home?

26 thoughts on “Prodigal Girl” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. My elders and peers i salute you
    Bring your wit and your worries.
    Tell me your truest thought
    Make me a finer poet. :)

  2. I like this…hopefully they will find their way home.

  3. Good poem… I like the message.

    1. Thank You! Mr @francis !

  4. Lovely message…

    1. Merci Beaucoup Madmoiselle @sibbylywhyte

    1. Thank you @melody

  5. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Seen. sounded like you were chastising instead of pleading and imploring. Women always have huge emotions, let it find it’s way into the poems and writes… cheers

  6. I pray, I really pray, that God keeps mine at home. Not a bad piece

  7. Silent but salient, thanks for sharing.

  8. Preacheric poetry.
    You hit it Sun.

  9. if you asked me to edit this poem, i would take “Living like you never had a family”, place it beneath “Young lady, I just pity you” and end the poem there. It’s a good poem.

    1. hmmm @obiaguomba Thank you! I ll Look at that.

  10. Yep! The pretend game is a good one, easy to play.

    Every once in a while though, a few do get tired and they find their way home. The others who need the co-ordinance,head for another destination,more out of this world.

    Nice one, really for both sexes don’t you think? with the rampart get-rich-quick or die trying of this generation “Y”; Lol.

  11. omila (@oriaifo-donald)

    i like that the first line was a question…

  12. @oriafo-donald And i like that you like, thank you for readind.

  13. Great poem, lovely message

  14. @nicolebassey
    I read this with relish
    feeling the vibes in lines
    piercing my heart
    making not hard
    but soft……………….

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