PARABLES AND PEBBLES: Honeyed, Journey, Spirit of Life, Strength of Femme



That which is sweet will tastes like honey

Also bear, honey is bought with money

That which is bitter always tastes as bile

It is to bearings of men that are vile


If I buzz like the sounds of swarming bees

My home will be served, made of sweet honeyed teas

I have made myself man filled with honey

And blessed myself with that which is sunny


Out of the eater, something to eat

Out of the strong, has come something sweet





After daily lengths of our daily days

One comes before the fountain of life

If he drinks thereof this pure spring of life

Surly from his rock he shall fourthly spring


I surrounded myself with men of valor

I surrounded myself with much words of truth

There I found me a fountain of wisdom

Swift was I to drink, drank, I got drunken


One path of life laid for every one

In diversity one chooses his path



Spirit of life


Swinging, singing sweet sounds off sordid height

Out of the dark to resplendent light

That which was worth sorting at that first flight

Has turned out to be a gracious delight


Seeing, I see not again for sorry sight

Then, has made that strong meat not hard to bite

That which was sown atones in days of night

Has transformed me to sunny days of light


Seven hundred thousand men to fight my fight

Alas! Victory came to me as right



Strength of femme


No woman wears the likes of man’s shoe

On the happenings of this, strength is hers

Seven hundred demons a man may survive

Before a maiden, is cause to lay life


From her soulful womb is the birth of kings

She builds the world and comfort’s wealthy men

A crown of pointed men, if a virtue isn’t lost

Know she loves to dwell in paradise


She is a jewel for a man of men

Finding her is true like a precious pearl


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