PARABLES AND PEBBLES:choices, prophet



I see that life as we live is a choice

Him who is full of fear is one so gross

From his silver soul take away his dross

And make his gold to become prosperous


Wither shall we go? Who then shall send me?

Now that we see, one way leads to many

If I come with you, I dwell in your home

If I walk my path, I come to my home


Despise me not, if I choose a right life

If it is good for me, then I loved life





O! Prophet of my desired destiny

Speak profit to my designed destiny

Proof and professor of my destiny

Prophetic poet of my sure destiny


The words you speak, does not fall to the ground

The fire that burns within me is profound

To take me to this beauty newly found

The truth is certain I see it unwound


It is because you that I write these line

Your spirit feels me right within my spine

Your words do merry me like anointed wine

It attaches me to that gracious vine


Your words are colored, like seeds that is sown

I see the harvest and reap it has come



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