I love waking , sluggish waking

It saves me from the monster in my dreaming

It’s hard not to smile when I wake

When I see him naked beside me


I love working, office working

I hate the traffic of the morning

Delays my impatient being from reaching the office in time

Thoughts of him keeps me from frowning at unlawful commuters, I smile at him instead


I adore my boss, my gorgeous boss

At times she provokes my thunder with her fuss

Strikes unbeatable deadlines at me, turns me to machine

Such times I want to throw punchlines at her, but the warmth of his lips against mine shuts me up


I yearn for evenings, cool romantic evenings

When I get to go home singing

And swinging into his arms

I know he’ll be for me chilling


I crave midnight, hot sexy midnight

When our bed rocks to the rhythm of our loving

The world dissolves to nothing under the sheets

And life promises to be a happy-ever-after


I love him, my adorable him

He’s the sunlight in my sky

The sweetest being I’ve ever met

He makes each day a blessing, makes life worth the stressing





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  1. i couldnt view this post on d mobile site, and i posted this earlier for d evryday poem contest@admin

  2. @admin i didnt c dis post on d mobile syt. Der must b a problm here cos i entered it for d evryday poem contest bt seems lyk it cnt b viewd

  3. @sylvia this can be viewed by all. And it is under consideration for the contest too.

  4. love nwantintin…well done.

    1. chemokopi, thks dear

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