Our Own Struggle

Our Own Struggle



The artillery of your anger

Against the wall of their banter

Arsenals of your mind

Playing off their treachery

Squabbles and strife

Blood and hunger



Into the belligerent days

We’re birthed for the future

You drag us

Repeating the war-song of the puddles

Songs  and rumbles in the jungle

We, on forward momentum

You are still at war with the other.

We are prepared to move on

We can’t continue your wars


Wars fought on us and against us

We are freeborn; slack us off the grip of your past

We simply want to live our today

The Biafra of your mind is yours to live

We are proudly Igbo, so what’s the heave

Our stand is ours,  so what’s the grief

What about the past? We beg to live

In a future where our hands can weave

Their fate; their clime ; their battle

Our faith; our clout; our struggle

In a future they’ve never seen



© Shittu Fowora 2012

5 thoughts on “Our Own Struggle” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. shittu, pls, post this poem evrywhere postable for all eyes to see cos na dem kno d stupid war dem stil dey wan fight; i wonder if d futile fight they fought before is not enough.

  2. Very sad,yet very true…

  3. Tell them o… nice poem, nice message

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