One And Only!

One And Only!

Without requisition You gave to man
chickens so tasty, apples so lovely
even before he entered the scene
Only You are GOD!

Without consultancy You made available
soft earth to grow food
yet hard enough to mold bricks
Only You are GOD!

Without experiments You crafted
organs within the man
and put Your breath by which he lived
Only You are GOD!

Without assistance You hung
Monstrous sights high up in the sky
Items only eyes can spy
Only You are GOD!

Without any means the eye can see
You commune clearly to us
And transmit Your power through us
Only You are GOD!

Without no plea, You sent
Your Son here for to die
such Love no one can deny
Only You are GOD!


Indeed beside thee,

there has never,

is never, and

will never be any other GOD!


Yet we claim we know better than You

Wanting what you want not

Going where you want not

Forgive our foolishness,


Yet we act like we can do better than You,

Building high-rises that crash

Daring in futility to fly to Your very home

Forgive our excesses


Yet we act like we don’t even need You

Trusting rather on the wisdom You gave us

Falling through till we bite the dust

Forgive our pride


Indeed we all like sheep have gone astray

Forgive us dear God like only You can

Restore once more our place in Thee

And place now in us a Love-filled heart

5 thoughts on “One And Only!” by EXCELLENCY (@excellency)

  1. This Is excellent! Well done.

  2. Psalms 151? Well done.

    1. @magic, haha, Gen 1 actually inspired this piece, guess it sounds more “psalmy” than poetry, maybe there should be a category tagged psalms, or what say ye @admin?

  3. @excellency
    this is nice……………

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