My Nigeria, My Humanity

My Nigeria, My Humanity



Though we rarely move on limos,

Jeeps of Camrys, Kekes in Bikes

Are my make up.

Roads well planned, badly drilled;

Two lanes coming and going

Through my traffic jam

At snail’s fast slowness.

The dotted lines of rain’s drops

Break in sky’s movement.

Showers heavily light

Impact scrambles of mingled sweat

Greasing human elbows in shuffles.

The heat beautifully descends

As I hawk, shout:

‘Biscuits’ ‘Gala’,

The passion welling up in me.

My sky is blue, my weather is glued

As courses revolve round each other.

Look, see what I hear

Pool of life we possess,

Priceless as gold.




2 thoughts on “My Nigeria, My Humanity” by nkemjika (@nkemjika)

  1. “My Nigeria” suffices as the title,
    keep writing NK
    Jisie ike inugo.


  2. Er, are you the gala vendor?

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