Ours was not love at first sight

It was more of a furious fight,

I was not sure if we would last

But Feelings, fickle, change fast,

Each day saw your loyalty grow

And my ‘Think’ morphed into Know,

You renewed my faith in your species

Made a sham of my idiosyncrasies,

I cherish the warmth you brought to me

More than a thousand cups of tea,

I wish you were more than you are,

Oh the things we would do together!

But whatever the case or the cart

I am still glad that you are a part,

Of my journey through this play act

Though  merely as Melody, The Cat.

34 thoughts on “Melody” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. Hello ,
    Thank you for dropping by,
    Please be as honest and frank as you can.
    Tell me your feelings
    Share all your thoughts…

  2. I read this 4 times. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any thing to make some terrible condescending comment on.
    You did good.

    1. :-D @kaycee , this is high praise indeed. Thanks!!!

    2. Thank goodness!

      1. Thank God! @layrite hehehe

  3. Elegantly done. Very very good.

    1. thanks @magic :-) You are so kind

  4. so soft and romantic- lucky cat. well done

    1. Romantic ke? hehehe i was just trying to entertain o! :-) THank you for reading and liking it @mikeeffa

  5. Lucky you @nicolebassey.
    Nice rhymes.

    1. Lucky Melody you mean, @layrite .:-) thanks for reading

  6. starrilyn (@starrilyn)

    Melody the cat……”I wish you were more than you are….” *chuckling*
    What a declaration of love. Welldone. Nicely written.

    1. @starrilyn thanks for reading

  7. I thrilled that you rhymed till the end , you rock :)

  8. Bravo! U indeed got a good grip and never let go till d curtains dropped!!
    Well done, u

    1. Hey @myself ! Great to see you here and thanks for commenting :-)

  9. entertaining.
    Well done

    1. @osakwe thank you ma’am,it is my pleasure to entertain you.:-)

  10. I’ve always asked people the difference between blues, hip hop and poetry. they have tried to explain to me but this work right here has blurred my view ones again. no offence. please can someone show me what makes this different from what Joe or Banky W will do?

    1. Ah! Me no know o! hip hop and blues consultants, come o! Lol. I think that would depend on the rythm and beat though, :-) hope i made things a little clearer. And yes,poetry is often converted to song, either blues,hip hop rap or any other.

    2. @coshincozor

      Poetry is actually the soul of good music. In case you don’t know, Poetry has various forms – there is the Ballad, the Lyric, the Ode, etc…most of these elements are adapted in music. Poetry even has its different creative ways of being performed – spoken word performances (which is the soul of rap music before its degeneration)

      In music entertainment today, what we have most of the time is crap where artistes just repeat and talk about booze, partying, sex and money.

      When you want to listen to music that carries the soul of poetry, listen to the likes of Asa, Tuface, M.I. to mention a few who have perfected their art. Differentiating hip hop, blues from poetry is like trying to differentiate a father from his wayward kids…

      1. lwkm “trying to differentiate a father from his wayward kids…” i like that. i wouldn’t want to deceive
        myself and say i understand. well ka ana aga nubi ka ji na-aka.

  11. Hmn… another cat lover :-)

    Easy on the eye is all I can say.

    Well done!

    1. Thank @midas , may i know who the first is?

      1. Myself. Check out ‘Terry, time brought us Christmas’ on my posts @nicolebassey

        1. I will sir, thanks again @midas

  12. Interesting…

    So you took us on a sweet journey of love between two beings and ended up revealing to us that it was your cat!
    lol…nice poem…simple with some subtle suspense.

    1. :-) @afronuts You got the essence of it, lead folks on … then Ta! its the Cat. Then they re-read to see if i misled them but discover that there were warning signs all along. Thanks boss. You are highly appreciated.

  13. Ah, this is nice. Very nice. Even read like a song as @obiaguomba somewhat echoed.

    I wish though that something extra was added to that ‘thousand cups of tea’. You know the pleasure of a thousand cups of tea is not instant but spread over a long time. So not indicating this, dampened its poetic impact for me. Consider this:

    /I cherish the warmth you brought to me
    More than a thousand cups of tea,
    Spread over many Harmattan mornings./

    Well done sunshine. Keep improving your art.

    1. Thank @chemokopi . I was thinking of this as an English person would. You know say na Oyinbo people really get time for pets and for tea . na why de tea gist even enter self. I like your yarn sha, tea on many a harmattan morning… hmmm such warm imagery. Dat one pass Melody matter o! Dat na Spicy tinz. lol.

  14. I lovee this in every regard except the structure. Your diction, imagery, rhymes especially and the gbogbo and gbogbo are just awesome…I clap for you.

    suggestion: why not pair this up into rhyming couplets?

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      Hmm rhyming couplets would work very well here maybe in the next edition . thanks @xikay.

  15. @nicolebassey

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