Meat-pie And Other Poems


I call her meat-pie,
My cutie pie,
Honey’s so fly,
Honey’s a superstar.

I look in her eyes, I see stars,
Like I’m an alien in Mars,
She’s sweet like a chocolate called Mars,
Baby, if you’re maths,
I’ll pass.

For you, I’ll act,
But not a waka pass,
I’ll be the star,
In the movie,
And you’d be my beauty queen,
It’s like I have malaria,
And you’re chloroquine.

You’re a queen,
The queen of my heart,
It’s not a lie,
You’re outrageously fly,
You’re food to my eyes,
That’s why I call you meat-pie.

I do what I wanna,
Don’t care what anybody says,
I’m sworn to the street life,
Aint nothing gonna change my ways.

I don’t tell no lies,
Just wanna have some fun,
I’ll pay,
If you’ll play,
Baby, that’s my song.

I met her at the church,
And I culdn’t help but blush,
But I didn’t want to touch,
Cos I knew I was a gangster,
And she was daddy’s little girl.

But she said,
She likes my ways,
And how I always do what I say,
Her friends say I’ll spoil her life,
Yet she wants to be my wife!

She’s a good girl,
And I’m a bad boy,
But she don’t want no other,
Cos I’ve got her melt like butter.

She likes the way I do it rough,
Real gangster shit,
We **** and we fight,
Stay up arguing all night.

She’s looking for my heart,
And I pray she finds it,
Cos I don’t tink I still have it,
Thugs don’t have hearts.

Now, everybody is praying,
Some are saying,
I’ve used voodoo,
To make her cuckoo,
Over me,
But she just can’t get over me,
Opposite attracts,
The beauty is in love wit d beast in me.

Your fairness is undisputed,
You glow,
Like polished gold,
You are a goddess of beauty,
A pedestal of grace.

Your manners are impeccable,
And you show good breeding and taste,
You are humble,
Generous to a fault,
Which is why I love you so.

I have searched the mountains,
And combed the deserts,
I have found none like you,
You are in a class of your own,
You have no competition.

You are a study in perfection,
A manifestation,
Of the works of the creator,
You are a rare breed,
Baby, there’s no one like you.


We make love with punches and kicks,
Make up with hugs and kisses,
This crazy whirlwind of ours,
That we call love,
Seems so strange,
Yet so familiar,
I find comfort in your rage,
Seek solace in your arms,
But you always bring me harm,
And I ask myself,
Am I crazy?
Have I lost my mind?
Or have I been hypnotised,
By this bestiality,
My beauty,
Seems to bring out the beast in you,
I thought they said love was true,
Guess whoever said that didn’t think it through,
Cos our love is filled with violence,
A slap today,
A shove tomorrow,
You hurt me to my bone marrow,
My man, my anchor,
You’re supposed to be my shield,
But you’re the one who causes me pain,
You’re driving me insane,
Yet I have to put on a happy face,
A fake smiley,
While inwardly I cry,
And ask, why me?
We hold hands together,
And people think we’re the perfect couple,
How wrong they are,
I pity those who wish to be in my shoes,
What fools!
I beg to be let loose,
For of what use,
Are appearances to a ghost,
The society has chained me to you,
Cos they say it should be for better for worse,
I thought marriage was supposed to be fun,
Only now I know better,
It’s an emotional prison,
And I wish to be set free,
Marriage should be a celebration of love,
Not a festival of hate,
I choose to live,
I choose to leave,
I’d rather have a dead marriage,
Than a dead body,
I’m not doing crazy love!

6 thoughts on “Meat-pie And Other Poems” by tofarati (@tofarati)

  1. Awww, liked the last one most
    rather a dead marriage than a dead person any day.
    Thank you for your generousity

  2. The second one made sense. You’re everything no doubt…

  3. Alfa2 (@alfa2)

    Not so in love with lengthy poems, but I think the last five lines cap it all.

  4. I dont know if they were different poems or just one lenghty poem.
    But from the little i understood, it seems you do poems well.

  5. You are a rapper and you simply rapped the poem. Well done.

  6. Thanks all. Your comments are appreciated.

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