Love Me

Love Me

Do not seek to make me
A log to heat your fireplace.
For even the stoutest log
Soon, becomes forgotten ash,
Consumed by the fires
Of its own zeal.

I shall not be your shadow,
To walk beside you
In the darkest of nights;
Only to be discarded
When light comes calling;
A hand never to be held.

I shall not be your cello
Only to make songs
At the whims of your fingers.
Does the cello not remain mute
Even if a thousand songs
Sprout in the soil of her strings?

If you shall have me,
Take me, heart and soul.
Let me build a fire inside you
As no shadow can.
Then shall we pluck us songs
On the strings of our hearts.


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36 thoughts on “Love Me” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. Hi,
    This is beautiful. Clear and easily understood.

    1. Thank you @amy78. I appreciate your kind comment ma(?).

      1. What is with the ma? Amy is fine.We are all gentlemen of the pen here.

        1. @amy78 hmmm…gentlemen abi? Some people like @emmanuella will give you a knock for that one o!

    1. Oga @sontel, where have you been? Thanks for reading?

      1. Thanks @xikay for noticing my absence. I have been deeply engrossed in academic activities in school. I hope to be able to spend time more coherently writing and reading on the site. Thank you.

  2. Lover boy! Well done

    1. Laff wan kill me o…me lover-boy. Issokay. Thank you @magic

  3. I read this on Facebook and fell in love with it instantly. This is poetry. This is the kind of poem you read and go around telling folks – hey, i know that guy we are Ns friends and 6th cousins. This is beauty and magic, passion and power, this is @xikay. Well done.

    1. Your kind comments are highly appreciated @nicolebassey… I

      ‘m was hoping for a review ma’am….maybe a few pointers so we could spar again.

      I like it when a poet is tackled on his poem….we all learn. So don’t stop being a critic to become a reader because of poor me.

      Thumbs up ma’am.

      1. I don’t know what to say to this, to you. I will always try to be honest, but if you want me to ‘spar’ you ll have to be nice…very nice. By the way, are you totally satisfied with the Title – Love Me?

        1. I am trying to be nice @nicolebassey… so, lets say I have doubts about it… what will you suggest as an alternative?

          1. Lol, So you are patronising me now are you? Just an innocent question , my suggestions are only available at a fee…. ;-)

            1. Okay I will send in my account details so that you will send in the fee @nicolebassey

              1. Na, you will pay me. See the poem Backward Glance for a sample ;-)

                1. See this money woman called @nicolebassey. She wan to play me mugu ba!! make una hellep me o!

  4. many days past, maybe 5days ago, i would have written these same words, but no…. none is worth it,,, soon as they are able to mend your broken heart, dey leave u wanting, dey abscond..leaving you between scylla and charybdis of emotions, love which are but childish indulgent. “This are lines from my next poem titled ‘And they abscond”.

    1. Pelle @aphascea. I am sure your heart will mend. Have you read @myne ‘s A Heart To Mend?

        1. He should read it, maybe his heart will be mended.

  5. Redefinitions of such is imminent with us.
    Great job!

    1. The great @ostar has a spoken. Daalu

  6. This poem rises above criticism. That’s all there is to say.

    1. @drzhivago for real?! Should I dance alanta or go get a pinch of salt?

      Thanks for reading

  7. Double respect!

    1. @kaycee and triple for you from here.

  8. Effective metaphors. Good word play. This is good work.

  9. bros i hope you participated in the poetry challenge to mark Akwa Ibom’s 25yrs as a state. the lines flow so softly from the tip of your biro- well done bro

    1. I wanted to @mikeeffa but I failed myself…is it over?

  10. Your poems are like a sweet drink that needs to be sipped slowly. I am never able to gloss over them. This poem embodies the mark of great writing: simple yet deep. Well done

    1. I hope you know how happy your comment makes me fee @chemokopi ? Thanks

  11. yes yes yes…this was all kinds of beautiful….

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