Living Rose

Living Rose

The shadows of mountain were caste,
Thunderings of wild wind were blast
And the wings of time flapped so fast.
You learned to say the right words,
I learned to listen deep and not bored,
Sharing the sweetest unity we could afford.

I reached the farthest part of the earth for you,
To pick you a choice rose or two,
Bearing my skin beaten black and blue.
You stayed in wait like forever, in the face of pressures from the clever
Urging; “leave him now and be safer”.

Many nights of loneliness,
We still cleared all bitterness,
Knowing we said words of sweetness
In our heart prayers,
Countering the soothsayer’s;
That host to a legion of liars.

She fought the whispers I sent you in fantasia,
Intercepting it like the Prince of Persia.
How I praise God for the angelic choral cheer
That shipped it to you safe and sound,
To inhale love’s sweetest sound
In the purest form ever found.

We had our intercourse of heart
Defying distance’s spear and dart,
But now I stand before you beyond all that.
Wet faced, tear soaked eyes
With wordless “welcome” so nice
As you looked into your warrior’s eyes.

“They said you will never come back for me,
But I disbelieved their words would ever be”.
You didn’t say it, but I read from A to Zee.
“How could a rose live this fresh?
Not even a wrinkle on its flesh,
To tell its age in and through an arid woven mesh”.

It was for you that it did breathe free,
Planted in my heart’s earth like a tree
And watered from my veins and arteries.
This living rose is ours in peace and war,
Whether we be rich or poor
Or like sweet wine offering out to pour…

17 thoughts on “Living Rose” by Anyi (@charles)

  1. Deep i must say. Couldn’t grasp it. Good poetry, nice imagery.

    1. @Lactoo :Thanks Lactoo. If u go deep wt me, u’ll find d connecting lines…

  2. Nice. Hope you are happy together now and hold closely this time around.

    1. @Manueladesola: Lol…I hope so only that it is typical fiction…..

    1. Thank @Okechukwu1

    1. thanks @Magic…I’d do better

  3. am glad you have her, and that she came back to in ur heart love in the air, may it last as you want…not longer… may your heart not be like mine, for at this moment, i have no heart to break such words of sweet loving poetry which i see as nothing but diarrhea of the mind… of my MY MIND that is

    1. @aphascea …Ow bro. U’ll find a way out for sure. People get out to come in again…

  4. samueldpoetry (@samueldpoetry)

    c’est bonne! I commend your rhym it gav d poem a sing-song flo. I pray your spring of inspiration wil never hav a reason to dry.

    1. Thanks @samueldpoetry , Answers to ur said prayers for me shall rain on you too bro

    1. I hail you oga @kaycee…thnx

  5. this poem has an interesting combination of language depth and good rhymes.

    1. @obiaguomba..Thanks for your comment bro

  6. planted in my heart’s earth like a tree, My favourite line. :-)

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