Last Flight To Abuja – Movie Review

Last Flight To Abuja – Movie Review

No, I am not guilty of wanting to see this movie or of persuading and coercing my boyfriend; it was actually the other way round.

“The trailer is so good”

“So?” I asked, “Does that mean the movie will be?”

“But you said they used the Arri Alexa, the most expensive camera in shooting this one, so what’s wrong?” The confusion on his face was a rare sight.

I had always yapped on quality pictures and audio so I could understand his confusion…a little. Not wanting to explain about storylines, I grudgingly agreed. We arrived at the cinemas 30 minutes late and that definitely was not my fault.

“Two tickets for last flight to Abuja please”

“That’s 600 naira for the two Sir”

I grabbed a catalogue as we walked towards the hall. The movie was on as we walked to the back seats.

Hmmm…uhmmmmm….daddy don’t go…” The little girl actor’s voice hit me as I sat down. What! Were we still in the age when we used children who couldn’t be more vocal? I know for a fact that we have great child actors…the KKB Children Show on Silverbird TV is an example of where child actors can be sourced from. There was also this TV show then ‘Just the two of us’ the child actors there were excellent, good projections and excellent vocabularies….so what were we doing with “daddy don’t go….don’t go…daddy don’t go” added with that annoying whining sound?

Of course we all know the movie’s story is about events that led each individuals to board the flamingo flight to Abuja…those going for a corporate party -3 in number – others bailed at the last minute; an elderly couple; a ‘supposedly’ heartbroken fiancée – she wasn’t, even after catching her fiancé red-handed on bed; a just discovered young sportsman and his agent and two other passengers.

Top acts and I don’t mean actors…I mean outstanding acts were:

Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Adesola); Anthony Monjaro (Pilot – Captain); Uru Eke (Air hostess); Celine Loader (2nd Pilot)…I chose these four because of diction and for bringing flashes of brilliance to the movie.

Celine and Hakeem were wonderful…Hakeem is known but this could open doors for Celine. Yes, I know I didn’t mention the names you wanted to hear Omotola, Jim, Jide and others but as I said diction should be part of acting because kids watch and listen and when these people speak anyhow or construct grammar without mixing it properly, you have the kids and the youths replicating these mistakes.

Secondly, there was no chemistry between Omotola and Jim…it was a flat performance…whoever did the casting obviously needs to do a thorough home work next time on casting.

Okay now to the scenes…I enjoyed the tete-a-tete in the cockpit between the two pilots – I preferred it to the Omotola and Jim’s part – and Celine did well and even though Anthony lisped lightly…it was okay especially when they were trying to take control of the faulty aircraft…I felt their scene and was impressed; the only blip in their scene was the ray of the twilight sun coming in through Anthony’s side and running an interference with his face.

I also enjoyed Hakeem’s part and whenever he spoke he brought life to his part of the scene. Uru, the air hostess behaved like a professional all through.

If anyone has watched VANTAGE POINT and how it was played, I would say this is what they were trying to achieve but it fell flat. Vantage Point was about the assassination of the American President on a foreign soil and so when the President was shot in the beginning; the story was told through five people’s point of view and when it reached the scene of assassination, it was rewound back and the story would start again from the point of assassination but this time from someone else’s point of view and this led to our understanding of why each person were where they were and how they came to be doing what they did at the point of the assassination and their actions after what.


LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA was a confusing back-track jumble with no clear point of view…the only two scenes that were in flash-back was that of Hakeem and Anthony-the pilot and of course the plane did not CRASH…it crash landed and only one person died and that was Hakeem who clearly did not want to leave the plane due to his many sins – he was a murderer and a fraud.



The scene where Jim Iyke ‘supposedly’ jumped off the plane was too fake…the graphic for the fire was too much and of course we did not see him jump and fall…we just saw him open his eyes in fright, scream and then a graphic fire behind him and thereafter he was with Omotola.


The scene where the Parents of the child actor praised the child for her intuitive ability after watching the crash on Television…I am sorry I did not feel that scene at all after all no one died except Hakeem who clearly wanted to die with the plane; that scene would have worked if the plane crashed with no survivors.


In my humble opinion, I would have given it a little nod if the plane had crashed. I know Hollywood does not allow its heroes die except in extreme circumstance but the British have no problems in killing its heroes in her movies…that is why I prefer English movies – a good storyline and a dose of reality even though their acting is crap – than Hollywood where everything always works out – top acting which they use sometimes to cover for a crappy storyline.


I believe we can do better; it’s good we used the most expensive camera to shoot the movie but that shouldn’t be the oars we should rest on. Again, a good story with good editing and we are good to go.


Thank God I watched Adam Sandler’s THAT’S MY BOY; the light movie helped cleanse and

relax me.


P.S The Dark Knight Rises was pure crap…tufiakwa! I preferred the Vampire Hunter (Abraham Lincoln). Goes to show what big bucks and box offices can do.





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  1. Lool. I always enjoy humourous posts..

    They actually show nollywood in Cinemas?

    1. @kaycee Yep they do…Glad you enjoyed it

    2. haba! Of course they do

      1. @magic: kaycee lives on the pages of books

  2. You’ll have to point a gun in my face to force me into watching Nollywood movies… Make dem enter farm jor, the crops need them… Another good review Enoquin. Maybe Nollywood needs to hire you for movie reviews.,

    1. @francis: Hehehehehe…how many of them will be able to farm with their nails self? Thank you for liking this one….Nollywood hire me ke? Will they be able to take the criticisms? But seriously I hope that your gun pointing statement is not a serious one oh! We should help our own grow

  3. Enoquin….I love your movie reviews jare….I knew the movie would be full of crap…They wanted to act out a real life plane crash? How many times have they showed an act in a flying plane b4?…No be to show stairs, plane wey dey land and take off…Tscheew.!..Nollywood palava three much…Even their overhyped film still falls flat….Well done jare…Arri Alexa Ko…$ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte In fact ehn…the trailer was okay…but the movie needed more work to be done…I also think most of these popular actors do not even try to be more dynamic perhaps this could be due to rushed productions…I don’t even know again jare
      Thank you for reading and liking

  4. A good movie review. It’s too early to produce such a film. Plus I won’t be surprised if the effects are crappy. When films like Transformers, 2012 and Avengers exist and are shown in the same Cinema’s as Nollywood films, one will have to be careful trying to create scenes that require effects.

    1. @chemokopi: Exactly! When movies that have better effects are shown in the same cinema…

  5. great narration @enoquin
    bt nollywood na wa oh, bcoz of one unfortunate plane crash, plane crashing is nw deir new story line, i wonder aw d bereaved of d victims of dat crash wuld feel. w8ing to see deir revue

    1. @clemency; I will flog you oh! You are on a writing site…no short codes abeg….
      The movie was done before the crash and has nothing in common with the crash…in my opinion…this one didn’t crash

  6. anyway, its our creativity at work

  7. Nice review except you gave all the spoilers like did the plane crash or not. And who died. Nollywood is on the right track if they continue this way.

    1. @Myne: If I gave the spoiler on the plane not crashing…it is because I and ‘almost’ everyone thought the plane crashed from the title (before watching the movie) or was going to (from watching the movie)…

  8. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    I beg to differ on the dark knight issue, yea, flat storyline and all, still the effects were… I’m a techie so indulge me. Thanks for warning me to remember to leave the room should anyone play the movie in my house… Detailed review, u make a damn good critique, please visit click on the agentCodiseries read and critique the stories. I need different opinions, thanks

    1. @daireenonline: Please mention the effects in the dark knight….mbok…I am waiting…Mention one and I will mention other movies with better effects….I am yet to watch expendables and James Bond but I bet it’s going to have better effects….wanna bet?

      I will visit your site.

      1. @enoquin That damn ride na! the bike he used and they had cool effects, see it again. Adam Sandler’s movies are always whack by the way. And if you truly hate dark knight, don’t bother with expendables. waste of good 90minutes :)

        1. @Daireen:… was only the bike, was it not? Mention one other wow thing….if not that Anna Hathway was in the movie ehn? Vocals were not clear self…I was clearly unimpressed…..sorry, I meant AVENGERS and not expendables… for Adam Sandler ‘s movies being wack, I wholeheartedly agree with you….it’s just that after watching LAST FLIGHT any other movie seemed better…..even Adam Sandler

  9. @enoquin, am sorry ma, its jst dat i’m using a mobile device (not a smart phone sef, infact this one is dull). okay, so d movie was dne b4 d crash, hmm, in dat case its creativity and prophesy at work.

    1. @clemency: And who says all smart phones are smart? Lol

  10. true talk, but they re managable @ least

  11. Obi Emelonye claimed to have shot ‘Last Flight to Abuja’ with over N100m, got the best graphics hands in the country, best cameras and clearly an A-list cast…. He should have got a good story first. This review, in my view, just glossed over the movies many inadequacies. The movie was crap, the only redeeming value is the great effort of the marketing team and when you look at it critically, it looks like fraud – great marketing for a crappy movie.

    Nice review anyway and yes, they are showing Nollywood at the cinemas and they should show more.

    1. Ha! Didn’t even see this. I glossed over many inadequacies, true but this review is at least giving pointers to some. Nollywood still haven’t gotten to the part where they need a good story before other things fall into place.

  12. @enoquin
    Nice review and you captured some of my thoughts. However, Celine was not so good for me. Her emotions compared to Anthony’s were so “not it”. Her face did not reveal much of the tension like I expected.
    The camera effects are very commendable. I like the cuts and fades but the graphics were not so convincing.

    Jim Iyke and Omotola were just there like you said. Omotola especially. She sounded quite dull.
    I especially like the reality the story captures. Nothing spectacular, just everyday people on a flight.

    I like that the plane did not crash. It would have achieved nothing since there were really no heroes.
    A first of its kind from Nollywood, I’ve got to say I am impressed.

    1. Which is the first of its kind, the graphics, movie or story? Wasn’t really clear on that part. Well, I liked Celine’s act because in dangerous moments like that being calm is a virtue. Why do you think even the hostesses stay calm? Thanks for reading.

      1. @enoquin
        First of its kind as in the plane scene – Nollywood. (I hope I’m right) :)
        My problem with Celine is the reality she doesn’t portray. You don’t look that calm when imminent death stares you in the face. A Nigerian plane for that matter. Ha!
        See how scared the air hostess was when she came into the cockpit? Now that’s the kind of emotion I’m talking about.

        Do have a wonderful weekend.

        1. @Mee Good, you said the air hostess showed how scared she was ‘in the cockpit’ but not to the passengers. Secondly, I doubt panicking would have helped Celine who clearly needs to help with the instruments.
          I have watched movies where planes crashes occur, there is horror on the plane or the plane has to make emergency landing due to whatever. The pilot and the co never lost it except maybe to the hostesses when they come into the cockpit. You don’t need to be blinded by panic when you are on mayday. Occupational hazard, like the crash/death comes with their job and they expect it anytime unlike the passengers

          1. @enoquin
            The air hostess was very professional.
            I’ve watched a few movies in which planes crash and the pilots are hardly calm. They show some sort of agitation. Voice modulation changes, there’s sweating and maybe slightly troubled looks. Their lives are at stake too, you know.
            My mention of “in the cockpit” was to show that Celine wasn’t facing the passengers so there was no need to remain calm. I like the other pilot’s reaction. You could see him sweating profusely and that for me was real. The man at the control tower and the other lady (the Muslim one) who they communicated with, were also good. You hear their somewhat calm voices but their faces were troubled. However, Celine’s reaction, not very realistic. #JustSaying

  13. @enoquin

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