Intruder of Doom

Intruder of Doom


 By Ochuko Tonukari


I just went to sleep

But I am still here

Like a spirit roaming the night

Thirsty, hungry, wailing

Seldom stopping to rest


I dwelt in the unknown

Like a ghost in the Imidaka forest

A game for the boy’s pentathlon

Night-prowling beast,

A lady in black apparels,

Traversed through my eyes

Island with her cows

With eyes charging, beckoning the mars


She was ogling at me?

Turning me around

As the tinted glass doors hissed shut

Synthetic ferns swayed,

Very gently,

Up and down the empty lobby

Nothing moved in the sun-smacked car park

Beyond, a row of palm trees and the deep sky

I swung around


And now nearer she came

Offering me her hand,

her smile as ironed as her uniform

I saw the pores beneath her make-up,

and heard the silence beneath the muzak

and the rushing beneath the silence.


So what if she is the one?

Some said the unclean check in here

under false names all the time

To fornicate, with strangers

Not a soul was stirring.

Hushed corridors stretched

into the noontime distance,

empty as catacombs.


I looked out into the eye of the sun

Some dark angels were rising

like windowless temples,

Dazzling the unclean in alliance

The built-up districts,

the factories pumping out venom

into the air and water supplies.

Fridges abandoned in wastegrounds of lesser debris.

What grafted-on pieces of ugliness are their walls!


Imagine the New Earth

sweeping this festering mess away

like a mighty broom,

Returning the land to its virginal state

Then the Fellowship will create something we deserve,

Which the survivors will cherish for eternity

And I, I alone,

Who stood at the edge of the faithful,

alone in the darkness

An outrider, a herald


Then I heard a man trapped, finished

So much deceit in this twisted world

Has he naively had it with the unclean?

For it amused me how much they pay to go there

Need I rise and watch

As there are troubles with these hours

Back tides estuary sweeping the front sanctuary

Then, i waited…minding my own mysteries



Jigsaw pieces of my dream lay dropped around

If it’s funerals the unclean want,

they shall have them aplenty,

during the sinister Nights,

before she rises to claim.

Funerals with no mourners.

showing them foaming at the mouth.


Love. What does this frothy,

idol-riddled world of the unclean know of Love?

Walking through the tunnels

I stroked the walls with my fingertips.

I stroked the scars on the wall,

made by the grenade blasts

and the picks that the unclean had used

to dig their stronghold,

and I felt no affinity with them.

The same power I had with the divine.

With my inscrutable alpha quotient,

I was picking up on their anima residue.

I wandered the tunnels until I lost track of the time.

3 thoughts on “Intruder of Doom” by Ochuko Tonukari (@ochuko)

  1. Hmm, the narrative seemed obscure but i loved the ending especially the last line.

  2. I wont pretend to know what this is about.

  3. You seem to lament over a wide range of defiling experiences the earth has had.

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