In This City

In This City

In this city,
Where bricks and glass
Poke their fingers
Into the eyes of the sun,
One roams-
Dog with no kennel.

In this city,
Where bins beg,
Seeking to be emptied
Of fleshy bones, scorned,
A stomach groans-
Embracing naked ribs.

In this city,
Where men chew His name
Like tough cud
And whisper prayers,
A beggars’ sheep is slaughtered-
To serve the bloated king.

In this city,
The sons of men- I, You, Us-
Have made a climbing ladder
Of heads and shoulders
And from their sweats
Brewed wine.

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18 thoughts on “In This City” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. wonderful insight into the world of men and their labor and attempts to be better.

  2. @xikay…you and your vivid poetry.

    I could smell the depravity and corruption

    the verses are thick and hide a great deal of information


  3. Very vivid descriptions. Well done

  4. In this city where hunger and dread drives men
    The opulence to embrace
    No worries about who gets gorged
    It’s all another day of hustle
    A good day in the office…

    A truly compelling poem. Thanks for sharing

  5. a poet’s poem obviously

  6. Very nice poem. Paradoxically, the last stanza which I had to read thrice to get, became the best of them all. Well done, brother poet.

  7. Master-craft, lovely style!

  8. Man’s injustice to man…what the heck, it’s survival of the fittest huh?
    As@Afronuts take,depravity and corruption…pretty much sums it up. Another great piece @Xikay.

  9. @xikay This one got my heart…

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