I  Can’t Write Now

I Can’t Write Now

Truly I can’t really write now

Though I’ve been on thinking

Of what to write and how to

Lo, it’s never been this tough

To let my thoughts roll

Through feather, ink and paper

I am just like a lonesome bird

In a scorched treeless desert

Seeking for the repose of perch

Or where to make a rest-nest

O If only I could write right now

I’d first write of my hindrance

Till I am inspired to write later



9 thoughts on “I Can’t Write Now” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Write of your hindrance – which is exactly what you did here. I feel you.

  2. Yes @Kaycee. I didn’t ‘did’ it lol

  3. *Sigh* The writer’s cross,
    To carry truth but lack the voice
    Or perhaps the tune
    To skillfully declare that Truth
    Yes, it happens to all of us.

    Thanks Ostar

  4. Fires breathe air, such is your presence always @Myne
    And the day is always bright at the smiles of @sunshine
    The sky is ignited and lighted by Thunder as @Kaycee is
    To Ns!

  5. Powerful one. Ostar at it again.

  6. @lactoo thanks buddy. Check out the Akwa Ibom 25word poetry Tribute here. Do it!

  7. And so you wrote on your hindrance…well done

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