Heart of a Poet

Heart of a Poet

Where else does a mind plays the drum
While the pen dances to the rhyming rhythm?
With painted ideas gushing out therefrom
While the soul pictures the theme?

Where else does the pen and paper
Unite and fight conquerors wars?
In places where guns could only look from afar
As if staring at the galaxy of stars?

Where else are words made to bow
Walk, run, or stand on their toes?
Like a spell from an ancient vow
Casted to restore the friendship of avowed foes?

In the heart of a poet I see
A gold mine of endless ideas
That comes flowing like tides of the sea
Powerful enough to invoke laughter or tears.

11 thoughts on “Heart of a Poet” by Alfa2 (@alfa2)

  1. Aside from the few typos…

    1. @Kaycee, thanks, but it would be much appreciated if you could help point out areas with the typos, so I could take correction. One love.

      1. How much will you pay?
        In the first line, “plays” should be “play”

        pay 1000 points for more

        1. @Kaycee, interesting! Don’t worry, i’ll add another 1000 points to make it 2000, but that would be when I have gotten up to that. I should have seen that error and the one in the first line of the second stanza ; “does” instead of “do”, but all the same, thanks for making this critique, that’s one of the essence of being on this site, once again, thanks bro, I appreciate.

  2. iLike and until he said, I didn’t see the errors meself :(

  3. Oh you make paper hide under their locker………..i enjoy ur creativity

  4. ‘Tis a gift to have this kind of heart.. Gud work*..

  5. To poets! *we clink glasses now*


  6. potent words

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