I am happy here

The streets are gold

And the angels are friendly

I get to see you all the time

I feel no regrets hurt

Confusion anger or pain

Mine is a peaceful repose

I hoped to live seventy at least

But Life planned differently

I was ready though when it was

My call, so don’t you cry for me,

There is no hunger here

Nor hospitals, heartache, HIV,

Hurricanes, hatred, or heat

I am totally content at last

Free of all my mistakes.

It is so peaceful here

I wish you knew so

You would grieve less

And if I ever want to shed

A tear, or perhaps to feel

A twinge of fear it would be

for you ‘survivors’ over there.

32 thoughts on “Happy” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. Hmmm, Sunshine, so you’ve been there and back? Lol! Make me wonder what heaven would look like… A good piece, imaginatively written, and that’s one of the attributes of real poets. Thumbs up.

    1. :-D , Thanks @alpha2 I appreciate! I just wanted to make us attempt looking at the post earth clime in less somber tones. Not every one that is dead is lost, not all that survive are alive.

  2. lovely poem, kudos@ sunshine

    1. Thank You for reading and commenting madam @gabbletalker

  3. Yes O, no more bad issues that many people contend with in this physical world. Did you have a revelation from the other side? Hehehe …well done.

    1. Thanks @chemokopi lets just say i overheard a departed Soldier’s soliloque .:-)

  4. You hit the goal of what I think you set out to do – the evocation of cheer in the midst of a dark situation.

    Beautiful @sunshine.

    1. Thanks @Kelechi you are so kind :-) .

  5. @nicolebassey!!! Are you wrtiting this from heaven ni?

    Nice easy read that caught my attention but I will still hammer on the punctuation…threw me off in a few places and forced me to reverse a few times.

    1. @xikay you sabi na ;-)

  6. @Nicolebassey Na lie. Read the book of Job. The dead don’t know anything.

    1. @yahayamadu In Hebrews they form a cloud of witnessess cheering us on, in Matthew the Rich man begged for his brothers on earth to be warned, They may not be able to do anything but they do know things , thanks for reading.

  7. Like the ending most. Nice piece.

    1. @shadiat And i loved your dropping by thank you!

  8. As bright like the sun as noon, indeed here comes the Sunshine!

    “I breathe, I die and I live.”
    – Ostar

    1. Live my dear @ostar ! Thanks for reading

  9. How can all these exist in a place where there was once a war…hehehe! Your intention was felt here, kudos! Does the sun shine there too?

    @yahayamadu, the dead do know things you don’t know about. If I’m to reason alongside the logics of religion, the soul carries intelligence. And if they do, they are capable of knowing…

  10. @francis after war is peace .:) After the chief’s house burns,it becomes more beautiful; it is rebuilt in the most recent architectural designs.

  11. @sunshine, This is a beautiful poem…one which would greatly comfort one who is bereaved. And you know there’s not much that can comfort a grieving bereaved person. I like this a lot.

    1. Thank you Your Royal errr Highness abi Kinkiness @queennobo .:)

  12. @sunshine, lol! True. But the building is different from the inhabitants. There was war which signifies the presence of feelings(animosity), therefore the building can be razed down again…

    1. Naaa @francis Daddy threw the bagga out. Now he only comes once in while to eavesdrop on meetings, no such chance, God punish the devil!

      1. @sunshine, just pulling your legs dear…

  13. Hmmnnn. Never knew you’d gone forth at some point before you got here o! hehehehehehehe. cool.

    1. @banky no be me o! Na the MC O! Thanks for your time.:)

  14. lol! Did you have a near-death experience or someone sent you a letter from beyond?

    You captured it gracefully and vividly in that your delightful simplicity. Na you biko!

  15. @afronuts Oga mi, Thank you o! No be me o! ah! Na you o! Thank you, very much for dropping by :)

  16. For we survivors! I like that line

  17. @nicolebassey great lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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