Fairest of planets

In the vast endless galaxy

Of the World Wide Web,

Clement port for the

Nigerian writer,

Hospitable harbour

Of Bibliophiles,

Literati, Editors, Critics

Award winning playwrights

And wannabees.



Where poets and writers rule

And ideas are supreme,

Where language is not just sound

And fiction truer than false reality,

Where thought kisses form

And mediocrity meets the sword,

I love thee far more

Than all the wine in the world.


I will honour thee

Through fair times or foul

Through triumphs or tempests

I will take your glad tidings

To every shore

Bring converts and proselytes

To swear allegiance

To your banner


Land of the bold

Beautiful and free,

Thy citizens

Gladden my heart

With their witty words,

Of verse and prose,

And forum haunts

Where anything goes,

Sardonic humour

Friendly feuds

Sarcastic satires…

What an utterly delightful

World you are.


Though ogres, orcs

Dark knights, witches and wizards

In thy crevices do exist

I look to the brave Princes

Friendly, courteous, Princesses

Kind generous Overlords

Gifted Dragon slaying Earls

And in their midst I find bliss.


As I walk your plains,

I am transfixed,

Beholding your wonders

Drinking from your elixirs

Refreshed by your life giving


Rejuvenated to

My most glorious state

Of being.

I bless again the day

I found the portal

To this divine clime.



Fairest of  the fair,

Among all havens

The worldwide web holds

For its travelers:

Weary Wordsmiths

Juvenile newbie


Seasoned scribes,

There is none that compares

To thee.


In you i find


from my

Intergalactic travels

Across the length breadth

Height and depth

Of Google.

Triumph over all thy foes,

Arise, yet stronger from the throes

Of discord, feuds and war,

Fulfill your role

Nurture many more,

Fledging scribblers

Into Authors Poets


And more.


Long live Queen Myna

Long live her nobles

Long live Enesterans

Long Live Enestera

50 thoughts on “Enestera” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. Hi there, thank you for reading :-) .
    Tell me exactly how you feel
    And what you think,
    Be honest but not cruel
    Be a sparring partner worthy of this duel. :-)

  2. I wrote this in honour of Naija Stories. During the web outage I had this crazy idea of NS being a planet hit by some meteorite from outer space. Later I thought of making that a into a Fantasy novel or series with a Queen Myna( @myne), Her nobles /council of elders (the board leaders) ruling in the planet Enestera. The Meteorite ( web outage) hits the planet creating a lot of havoc, Queen Myna has to find a way to stop the damage or discover another life sustaining planet and evacuate her citizens before it is too late. However some of her nobles have other plans… . The classic battle of good and evil in a race against time and the threat of annihilation looming over them.

    1. Spoiler!

      You for wait make people voice dem opinions naahh

      Now wetin pesin wan talk after you don talk am finish? lol

      1. @afro nuts, noooo oh! This just back story, look at the poem above and tell me what you did or didnt like about it :-) . Thanks !

          1. @afronuts the story is ready, hope youll find time to read it.

  3. Simply beautiful.

    1. :-) kaycee likes it! he likes it!! Hip hip hip!!! Thank you @kaycee , thank you very much!

  4. Wow, “Be a sparring partner worthy of this duel….”
    Where do you place @Kaycee in the planet, I mean amongst the nobles?

    I wait for the comic though. Great rendition Sunshine!!!

    1. @ostar ;-) we know that @kaycee would be among the bad guys na! He even said so himself, his avatar ll be Kakai. :-)

      1. God is watching you!

        1. In Heavenly D. :-D

  5. I love this poem. Very creative. Thank you for penning it.

    1. Thanks @obisike , you are so kind . :-)

  6. @sunshine. Such delicious wordplay, yet so meaningful.

    1. Thank you @drzhivago , am glad you like it.

  7. Creative imagination at its best here @sunshine.
    You definitely know how to spin a tale .
    I couldn’t help laughing as I read this.
    This could become a series of some sort you know… developing some characters into identifiable persons on NS and bringing the plots at par with issues arising from the site.

    Just some thought.. What d’ya think?

    1. You are a
      …. Super Genius! That is exactly what i was thinking! There is Queen Myna (representing you know who) Kakai for @kaycee chemokai from @chemokopi , midkai for @midas! as the case maybe. … . And you are a mind reader because i even used the same setting to discuss some people’s grouses with admin and the very unpleasant experience i had with a certain Ns babe. Fun games and intrigue all the way ! You rock! :-)

      1. Wait o!
        Why is my name going to be kakai??? Do I write drunk? I don’t take kai-kai for heavens sake.
        You cannot find a sexier name?
        Why do you pepo hate me so much?

        1. @kaycee ooooooh! Laff Wan Fall Me Down Here! No be kai-kai , Na Kakai- The OverLord Of The Critiville :-) . Hate you? We love you! @midas and I have to use a conversion technique that is easy to understand and the allusion shouldnt be too deep… I ll be Sunkai not very romantic but nicer than @Ostar ‘s Oskai :-P

    2. I agree wholeheartedly…

      1. Of Course Makai @magic :-D

        1. @midas @kaycee @magic the Enestera Chronicles are out! Please read and comment.

  8. Cool…

    I used to write something like this in the early days of NS… I think NS ramblings or something.

    1. Links please… @xikay

  9. I should study this poem. Honestly. The play with words is of a higher order. You are a poet after my heart, and sure this is a great poem.

    But still, I would have loved that there be no need to write some prose to explain the origin or setting of the poem: the poem should do that, even if it is in very subtle references. Because right now, you might not be able to tell if the poem moved the readers to their expressed length, in whole or with the aid of your explanation.

    [I look to the brave Princes

    Friendly, courteous, Princesses

    Kind generous Overlords]

    The presence of the second comma in the second line is wrong, as it makes it seem ‘friendly’, and ‘courteous’, have equal syntactic value as ‘princess’, when they are in fact adjectives describing the noun ‘princess’.

    So it should be either:

    /Friendly courteous Princesses/ like the third line
    /Friendly, courteous Princesses/

    Well done sunshine. Thanks for this.

    1. I will tell, thanks your punctuation tutorials are topsnotch, i have taken full notes. Thank you sir, @chemokopi , thank you very much! :-)

  10. Sweet. Hmmmm, i think i’ll get a sexy name. Something like Sweetpie. Hmmm

    1. @lactoo you ll be Lactkai hope you like it :-)

  11. Nice poem…not just an ode to NS but a beautifully crafted one with an impressive depth of creativity.
    @nicolebassey …you are one good poet. well done!

    1. :-D Thank you @afronuts You are making me blush! You wont believe this but i only said “I am a poet ” aloud for the first time in my life 3 days ago…. And guess what i got a job! To write a poem for an international event. So yes, your endorsement means a lot to me!

  12. Speechless………hiding under my bed

    1. *drag you out and hugs you* @david2471 surely it was not that bad ;-)

      1. You make me wanna open a publishing house and sign you immediately……wow!…….you shud signup for http://www.ph.createaforum.com

        1. Yes! Do! lol. Thanks! I am so glad you like it. :-) .

  13. I skip the poems this days, but I am quite glad I read this. You are a good poet…Glad you got that job. More ink to your pen…$ß.

    1. Thank you @sibbylwyhte. Why do you skip poems?

  14. And long live @nicolebassey. How would the universe have fared without ‘Enestera’? Indeed, it has come to stay.

    1. Amen @starrilyn thank you for reading.

  15. Poets like you make me want to cry at the magical beauty you are able to put in words. Wondering what my name would be, though….

    1. Ah! Mon Reine ! @queennobo You make me blush… so much! Thank you!

      1. @queennobo Nne where are you?

        1. I’m around. So sweet of you to ask, though. Thanks so much…

  16. I didn’t know Enestra is this beautiful. Waiting for the first sci-fi novel in this part of the world. And may the sun continue to shine…

    1. Ah! @francis it is. It truly is! Scifi ? na am thinking Fantasy where everything is possible ;-)

    2. @francis The Enestera Chronicles are out!

  17. Thanks everyone….

  18. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    @midas the Enestera Chronickes are out!

  19. @nicolebassey
    I love your renditions
    looking great
    and gentle………..

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