Call For Submissions: Women’s Tale

Call For Submissions: Women’s Tale



Women’s Tale is a new female focused magazine which will begin its quarterly publication from September, 2012. The concept behind this project is captured in this acronym ‘Triple E’ which stands for Educating, Entertaining, and Enticing tales of women. Our major objective is to create a platform where girls and women that have been victims of molestation in whatever form can be consoled and empowered in a way that will positively change their lives. We also seek to tell their stories for others to take something from. All in all, we aim to celebrate women and girls who have passed through one trauma or the other but still came out of it triumphantly.

We are using this medium to call for articles and interviews that fulfill any of the above objectives. We are also accepting pictures, poems, cartoons, art works, puzzles, short stories and narrative non-fiction pieces. We request you to include a photo, short bio and contact information (name, mailing address, and email address) with each submission.

Send your materials to or on or before August 15, 2012 to make the September edition. Any submission received after this date may be considered for subsequent editions.

At present, Women’s Tale is unable to pay for work published. Contributors will however be entitled to a copy of the magazine on request.


For information on advertisement placement or other enquiries contact 08093981058,

12 thoughts on “Call For Submissions: Women’s Tale” by layrite (@layrite)

  1. In my opinion…people should always try to give participating writers a small token…the idea of always looking for volunteer writers will not encourage ‘the writing industry’ that is if there’s even one yet.

    1. God bless you @enoquin , i thought i was the only one that felt that way. Little drops of water can fill a bottle top, but giving nothing? I cant understand this kind of thinking…. at all.

    2. @enoquin – for volunteer writers, their reward is in heaven :P

  2. @aghoghosam which kind in heaven? Are they not paying for the magazine or the design? So why can’t the ones that will provide the content i.e the authors get paid too…?

    1. @enoquin – looool..i’m being sarcastic. Of course I agree with you , there should be some form encouragement , enough of the free labor , even an apprentice has to eat.

      1. @aghoghosam: I knew you were being sarcastic and I was laying it up thick. lol

  3. @nicolebassey wait for the magazine launch and you will see the money that will be spent on the launching…Please oh, I am not trying to discourage anyone…but haba…more dignity should be ascribed to writers abeg!

    1. @enoquin. I think I have to respond proper to your agitation which has unfortunately drew attention away from the original message on this page. cc: @nicolebassey, @aghoaghosam, @sibbylwhyte.

      Thanks for reading, however.

  4. Hehehehe…free magazines fer yer troubles ma’am…. A magazine with yer story innit…how cool is that?…hahaha….I laugh in a cockney accent…

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