Arise! Women Of Africa

Arise! Women Of Africa

Women Of Africa Arise

Arise! women of Africa,

Arise! daughters of brown skin

Full lips, strong arms

And black kinky hair,

Lift yourself from the ashes

Of oppression pain and poverty,

Leave your past shame behind

straighten the back that was bent,

Wash off the marks of your captors,

Erase their memory completely

Let go of the chains

that would bind,

Reject the ensembles made for others

Rejoice in the attire of your freedom,

Accept your beauty and your jewels

Adorn yourself with wisdom,

Gird your loins with

strength and virtue

Wear your clothes, your colours,

Wear your green, red, blue, yellow

Orange, mauve mahogany and gold.

Lift your head

O Treasured One,

Hear the wind calling

Your name,

Calling you out

Of obscurity and shame,

Spread your wings,

Soar above the eagle

To the pinnacle,

Created long ago,

The place of

Your enthronement,

And there rule over

All things created,

Reign in honour

Prestige and fame.

Arise Women of Africa

Emerge from your slumber

Re-discover your treasure

Smile boldly at the future

Lift your head proudly

You are royalty

Exult in your dignity

Celebrate your originality

Joy in your creativity

The signature of your unity

Arise Women of Africa.

Women of Africa,


13 thoughts on “Arise! Women Of Africa” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. @nicolebassey Nooo. FEMINISM. The family is a dying institution in “civilised” America. Don’t follow their footsteps. Know your rights. Think for yourself. But “rule over all creation?”. God they are telling you to move out from Aso Rock. The feminists are here…

    1. Tut tut Created things wind sea land and all there in . African Women Arise! @yahayamadu

  2. These women rights people have come again!

    1. @kaycee Read the poem and comment on IT , Thank you!

  3. We have risen! Lol. Lovely poem

    1. Yes! My Sister We Have. And We Shall Rise Higher And Higher…. @shadiat. Thanks. God bless you!

  4. Very motivational. I would have lent you my voice if I don’t despise anybody ruling over me, let alone a woman…
    Good poem though, it’s needed.

  5. Nice one- thumps up for African women

  6. yea african women arise and save us from corruption

  7. Risen like the sun!

  8. This one na new one O!

  9. I love this piece………

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