A Song For Her

A Song For Her


For you, on your birthday


A dozen pens

And a thousand pages

Words still elude

Refusing to allow the rendition

Properly of my disarray composition

In a sense perfect enough

To paint a befitting picture…


It is as if the envious gods

Are conspiring against this venture

Or maybe Aphrodite herself

Wouldn’t allow another to be so dotted

Perhaps their apostle, Donne

Is bent on singing for you too

From the happy folio of Master Shakespeare.


Whatever it is

Stubbornly I forge ahead

Like a love struck stubborn stud,

Which in a way I am,

No way am I going to leave your tribute

To those their loyalty remains an unknown factor

So I must forge on.


I must write my love a song

Nightingale’s voice cannot do justice to

Fela’s drummers can’t render adequate support

Not for the inadequacy of effort

But for the lack of proportionate wit.


And where shall I perform

This never heard before wonder?

The Globe Theater is not grand enough

Its splendor Staple center would demean

And its status scared by the lowly Maracana.





The stars and moon be damned

If they as slightly dare to complain

How can they expect this masterpiece

To be created for them?

So, I ask them:


Can they rival your purity of soul? No.

Or your brightness of light? No.

Or your sparkling of radiance? No.

Or your precision of grace? No

Can they not see the glowing Sun

pay homage to your uniqueness?


That Lorikeet who dared question

My choice of recipient

Has been warned never to repeat such nonsense

As the Zebra who doubted the superiority

Of your exquisite exterior magnificence;

Could he not see yours is of finer make?


I swear, I will turn Atlantic to ink

And exhaust the Amazon trees for paper

I will invite insomnia and do an Hazare

Until the perfect words roll on sheets

I will not relent a bit, the world be deuced.


Today is your day, my love

And I must sing for you tonight

Directly I will render the magnum opus

From my heart to yours without medium

This universe has never witnessed

Two systems in greater sync.


Penned: 2:00am August 5, 2012         Presented: August 7, 2012 

16 thoughts on “A Song For Her” by layrite (@layrite)

  1. I am Jealous! Well done @layrite

    1. Hehehe.. Dont be jealous, @nicolebassey. I’m sure you get better poems from HIM every week.

      Thank you reading and for your comment.

  2. This totally captivated me……..your choice of words are medieval and classy,i love that.Gracias!

    1. Na you, my dear reader, we should thank ooo. Shukran kathiran, @kelora.

  3. The stars and moon be damned

    If they as slightly dare to complain

    How can they expect this masterpiece

    To be created for them?

    Walahi Mr Laywrite na trobble u dey find, shey na so love kee you reach???

    1. You reminded me of Fela immortal lines: trouble sleep/ yanga go wake am/ wetin you de find?…

      Gracias, @aphascea for coming.

  4. @layrite…weda it was written on d 5th or presented on d 7th does not concern me ni. I appeared on NS on d 14th which is actually my bday.

    ‘I’ll turn atlantic into ink’ ….guy!!!

    1. Oooo… And I thought you would be interested in those volunteered info… Ok, no problemo.

      Not only Atlantic @sylvia, Pacific and Indian may follow… Dont stop me ooo

      Happy birthday to you, gabbletalker, and I hope your love wrote you some verse.

  5. Nice one.
    Where did you do the presentation?

    1. @kaycee: Inside her room now.. Where else?

    1. sweet comment, @louis. Gracias.

  6. Your love is lucky. Good job.
    Check the spacing. Not sure it’s deliberate…

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