A Nigerian Waves His Flag at George Michael During The 2012 Olympic Ceremony.

The 2012 London Olympics was fun to watch, the opening ceremony was great. Mr Bean cheating at the race made it hilarious.

I was so happy watching lightning bolt win his gold medal. I liked the way he celebrated with Mo Farah with his mobot stance. His best moment was when he made a 16 year old Olympic volunteer, George Orwell the centre of attention.The teenager his proud to own Usain’s Bolt hat.

No Nigerian won a medal, it was annoying but the athletes were not prepared, the government did not give them the necessary funding. I spied a Nigerian waving his flag and dancing at George Michael’s freedom song. I am sure he was happy that at least he went to London. It   would have been great if we won.

The use of holographic screen was amazing. I watched Queen perform one more time with the ghost of Farokh Bulsara {freddy mercury}. Even though Quadry won a world champion in Tennis, we had no medal in the Olympics. Imagine if he was adequately trained. The Sky was the limit.

My fears are that by next Olympics we might not have up to 35 athletes competing. We used to win medals, Nigerian used to be great too. It seems that Nigeria is sliding backwards in terms of development. It is not only security challenges that the Country is facing.

Our system of education is getting obsolete: if we are not careful we will be left behind. A graduate with first degree   in Japan is achieving more than a Nigerian Professor. No Nigerian university is on the list of 1000 best University in the world. A Ghana   University is among the top 400 university in the world. Scientists are studying Mars, with hopes of people inhabiting the planet. If we can’t even tackle the problem of bad roads and inadequate power supply, how can we touch the Sky.

What is wrong with the Nigerian people? Why can’t we become developed?

Our problem is greed and corruption.Our leaders are holding us to ransom and since we are insincere there is nothing we can do about it. Most people have dreams of cutting there National cake when they get a small position in Office. I pray that God bless the Governors   Fashola  ,Oshomole, Okorocha and the people who represented Nigeria at the Olympics. God bless all the sincere good Nigerian people.

8 thoughts on “A Nigerian Waves His Flag at George Michael During The 2012 Olympic Ceremony.” by khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad)

  1. Nigeria as a topic never fail to depress me.

  2. @kaycee. Me too, this olympic crowned it all. Failure! Failure! Screaming everywhere.
    Guy abeg u tried, at least 4 writing.

  3. @lactoo,thanks but I am no guy.Even though Nigeria is in a bad place right now.We have hope for the future.

  4. Good piece.We can right the wrongs.

  5. In a civilized country the minister of sports would have resigned. But in Nigeria….well…However perharps we depended too much on the government to achieve our dreams and goals.

  6. @uche thanks,@amy you are right.

  7. What About The Maryam Usman Medal? Anyone?

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