The Fear To Dare

The Fear To Dare

June 26, 2012    3.17pm


I have looked deep into those eyes

Seen the hurt, the pain and the loss

Sensed the depth of emotions hidden there

Those you locked up and won’t let out for fear.

Come, let us hold hands

Together, form a strong band

To shield ourselves from the pain and sorrow

Come, don’t let us wait for tomorrow.


My heart snaps

At the knowledge that we won’t hold hands

This ache more difficult to bear

Because we fear and in that fear we lose all that is dear.







31 thoughts on “The Fear To Dare” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. On point, though short.

  2. I like this a lot.
    It is the fear to dare that keeps us chained.

    Break the chain, somebody!

    1. @rhema I am glad you find it good enuf to like it. As for breaking that chain….

  3. Doog meop iahs, icrem oot.

  4. One word. Lovely!

    1. @kiah am thrilled u ‘love it’. Thank you.

  5. So aptly touching!

  6. Poignantly evocative!

    1. @myself Am lost. What was evoked?

      1. @Shai, it succeeded in creating (my opinion) a vivid mental picture of man’s seeming inability to trust the other man because of that universally yet unanswered question of ‘what if…?’

        1. Yes ‘distrust’ …of another man or a woman…..
          I see…thank you.

          1. My brother, I concur with you 100% and ofcourse, as often the case with poetry….that ‘masquerade’ always has many sides.

            You have done well and given me another insight.

            You and @bamslib

        2. You have a rather full summary of the play. The question of what if . . . is really a difficult one to answer. It takes courage.

          1. Indeed. “What if….” always stops us from grabbing that which is within our grasp.
            Thank you.

  7. Cutely expressed in its simplicity…
    I can relate it to Naija situation and revolution, no one wants to hold hands for the betterment of out nation!

    nice piece

  8. @Shai, I have actually juxtaposed ur work against d background of prevailing realities in man’s relationship with fellow man. Of course, I supposed u may intend the piece for more of romantic interpretation. But u knw, as they say, it’s more fun wen a dancin masquerade is viewed from different angles. Great piece, I swear!

  9. sober- nicely constructed

    1. I am glad.
      God Bless /.\ /.\

    1. @nmikeeffa merci once again :-)

  10. Dear Shai, what a nice poem above, and what an excellent picture!!
    I am a mathematics lecturer writing a book about mathematics and how to apply it in cryptology. To this I would like to use your image (1024-eyes) in a composition for the cover. Do you hold the copyright to this image? Can you give me permission to use this image? Please contact me at Thanks!!

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