The Council Of Vultures.



In the darkest of the night,

up at the roof of the big Iroko tree,

sat some council of vultures,

with their beaks dripping with blood.

Their claws,

clutching tight to the strongest branch of the tree;

sprinkling down precious bloods.



Very solid was the thickness of the blood,

sprinkling from the claws of the council of vultures.

As it rained,

it crushed other trees in the grazing forest,

squashing its branches,

the leaves and its fruits,

corrupting the grasses and the wheat;

with the spoil from the other trees,

killing birds, and crashing their beds.



Then aroused one of the vultures elegantly

. .. I have indeed had to my fill,

with the bills from the fig tree,

I seek for no bitter pill…

He spoke flamboyantly, merrily.

… My ban is stock to its brim,

with the spoils of the sea,

I have filled my belly;

also enriched my entire family.

He gave a grin.


Another aroused after the first,

.. Indeed I have feasted with the carcass of the land,

every cave is stock with my wealth,

and it rises to other axis.

Even the carcass of the valleys,

are my very riches.

He spoke with so glamour,

and honor, full of humor.

Using a handful of fig leaf,

placing it under his bottom,

as he sat confidently on it.

After the second, arouse another,

and yet another, another,

and yet another, aroused,

the council of vultures that boost,

on their alarming embezzlement.



Then it was turn for the last member of the

council of vultures to speak;

everywhere went dead silent,

in reverence to the last vulture.

Honorable ovation was accorded him,

as the other council of vultures

paid homage to him, by bowing their heads.

. .. I am the all in all,

the head of all heads,

leader of leaders;

I speak and wind listen,

when I stand, none ever oblige.

When I fly, other birds of the air give way,

when I spread my wings,

I marry carcass to my bosom.

The last council of vulture spoke vigorously.



Then aroused a dieing lamb from among the

carcasses, still having a little breathe in him,

as he stagger to remain a life.

The whole council of vultures saw him

grazing gently to life,

they then chased after that one lamb,

who ran with his fainting strength,

seeking refuge in the darkness night;

as he was at the closing grip of the vultures Knives,

when all of a sudden,

A mighty voice came from the top of a high mountain which caught the attention of the council of vultures, away from the bleeding lamb.

look and behold, a mighty eagle standing,

standing on top of the high mountain in his glory.

. . . Why seeketh thou the prey of the little lamb,

haven’t thou had enough of the spoil?

The mighty eagle spoke angrily.

. . . Run to me thou weak little lamb,

let me fly you to the shore of rest

Run with your very last strength,

the eagle said to the weary lamb;

spreading out its mighty wings,

and was covey on the back of the mighty eagle,

to the topmost of the high mountain,

beyond the reach of the council of vultures.



Take your solace here, from the hunt of the vultures that seek thy hurt.

Nurse and treat you sore,

until thou are sure and strong;

prepare thy hand to sail ships across

furious waters and hot weathers.

Rest little lamb,

for a while rest;

until your limbs are strong enough to hit the gong of freedom,

across the kingdom,

not until you feet are firm to strike thunder and thy hands lightens,

to bring down the Iroko tree.



Rest little one, rest.

Be brave and seek wisdom,

cause mighty is the task ahead.

Also, be prepared for the sacrifices for freedom.

6 thoughts on “The Council Of Vultures.” by aceDprodigy (@1prodigy)

  1. Nice idea. But their were much wrong use of words.

  2. Very poignant poem that carries depth in meaning and allusions.
    However, I’ll suggest that you be careful when writing a poem at such length so that you don’t loose its ‘viscosity’…

    But I like the idea…like I said, it has depth.

  3. Long one. Became windy. But well written

  4. Take away some spelling errors, misplaced use of some words and dragging in one or two areas, and the poem is just fine! Hope you get around to re-working this. It’s very interesting. Very. :-)

  5. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Rrrrrgh, Good idea, allusion,setting and subject matter.
    However, Language and expression was below expectation for me.
    One more thing,vultures eat dead things ,they are not birds of prey so the images of blood and the live lamb ….

  6. Saved by the knight in eagle armour huh? :)

    The poem had some graphical flaws at the begining, there wasnt that poetic beauty that words imbue. All was hanging out leaving little to the imagination.

    I don’t have any problems with the length, it’s the delivery that’s a little rough for me.

    However I like the latter part . Looks like you let loose of some poetic steam there.

    Nice try!

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