The Bird (a poem for the Dana Air Victims)

The Bird (a poem for the Dana Air Victims)

The day is moss
The night an interminable
Agonized question.
I look at the feathers
In my hands
And my eyes break
In an African thunderstorm.
My bird sings no more
Alone she soars over the happy isles
Unwoven from the string of Isis.
My life in no more.
Whatever goes shall return

–John Anusie


John Anusie failed in his primary ambition to read English and Literary Studies and had to do an alternative course. Kidnapped by the Muses in … he wrote prodigiously and furiously, rhyming parallels to the earliest of Robert Frost. The product of these early years he would not show to anyone. My inspiration is eclectic, he says. But he magnanimously concedes that sometimes it takes the obscurantist’s vermicelli to see him wet and naked, in submission, before the hill of Hippocrene… He has published in and in several other poetry websites as well as in newspapers and magazines in Nigeria. He is on @jobran

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