The Ark

The Ark

…So Noah built the ark

A haven from impending doom

Trooping in, in numbers, in pairs

Dogs, goats,

Sheep and wolves alike

Succor from the scourge we all sought

Bliss reigned and peace rained

But for a while


Time ticked, tide turned

Stern usurpers emerged

The dogs now bark out orders

In the name of patriotism

The goats, they are tyrannical lots

They steal from the nation’s soup pot

While famish stabs us to endless death

We are the sheep; we follow blindly

We follow in diplomatic unreason

The ravenous wolves feast on us unabated

Aided by their kind in our clothing

They strive to annihilate our race


O maker of this ark, where are you?

Hearken to our distress call

Does your wrath wreak fiercer wages?

Dethrone these drunken goats, O God!

Silence the noisome barks of these dogs

Yes! Utterly smite the dastardly wolves

And let only ‘we’ occupy till your kingdom come

Are the meek not blessed?


Adebayo D’reedem’d Smartfingers. 2012


4 thoughts on “The Ark” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. You put your BB pin too?

  2. Ahhh, Sweeet, You made my poetic day. Thank you for this! The concept is 8/10, The execution 6.2/10 . Do you want to discuss ways it could be improved on? Anyway Well done

  3. “Dethrone these drunken goats, O God!

    Silence the noisome barks of these dogs…”

    DRUNKEN goAts? Chineke mee ebere.
    Very creative and contextual.

    Wow @nicolebassey. YES!

  4. @Sunshine mr. marker, lol
    You welcome
    am open to suggestions, criticisms et al

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