Tell Me It’s A Joke

She laughed violently when he beamed her a smile

She laughed again when he penned his words

Through his eyes she saw his heart


She laughed more at his tawdry remark- you are beautiful

She laughed at the lies he backed into sandwich

With a glance she knew his mind


She let out a barrel- it hardly counted anymore

She laughed his irritation away

If only he knew she carried a trigger in her head


She laughed once more at his sugary lips

Which dripped of all the lies from hell,

His watery eyes concealing his lust


She laughed at the effrontery of the dude

Wondering how many frogs he had kissed

Hazarding the cost of his cheapie moccasin


She laughed again like a volcano spurting fire

She laughed and laughed until he stood up to leave

Oblivious of the boner announcing his mission


© Shittu Fowora 2012

14 thoughts on “Tell Me It’s A Joke” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. Really nice lines.

  2. I like the flow

  3. Nice poem. Nifty words used well. I was asking if she was clairvoyant untill I encountered “boner”.

  4. Nice lines, although the diction was a little ‘hard’ for my ‘unliterary’ mind.

    1. Thanx Anzaa, ‘Unliterary’? you are kidding. Kaycee,Chem,Magic, Obisike, I appreciate you all for the comments.

  5. I laugh with her. Men! We can be so predictable. Good piece

  6. Reminds me of one of Afroman’s song

    1. Weirdpile, what song is that?

  7. Lovely ending Writefight.

    well done!!!

  8. Blatant truth brutally expressed!

    Love it! You rendered a subtle simple moment with such tender poetic violence.

    But then the poem since to have no correlation with the title. Am I missing something?

    1. Well, if you’ve been in the shoes of an uninterested lady, listening on as a smoothie reels out his lines at her, then you may just understand why the title is that. If you have a better title suggestion, i dont mind. Bring it on. Thanks

  9. starrilyn (@starrilyn)

    Nice rhymes. Your delivery was articulate and you lead your readers well to the end. But I also agree with @Afronuts on the title. Well done all the same.

  10. Oh now I understand why you choose this title.. I know you get this alot but good job!

  11. @Writefight: IT IS A JOKE!

    Now I’m off to read it… lol

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