State of Mind

State of Mind


As I close from work, I dream of my bed

The anger I feel inside, not yet sated

The missus, wanting to muse over me, soon asks an annoying question

Very soon the house is filled with tension

I decide to drink, and with alcohol, relax my head

The line between sanity and insanity isn’t much thicker than a thread

At times like this, anger within me, just boils

And nothing much gives me joy, least the kids complaining about spoilt toys

When the missus looks at me, in her eyes I see dread

I bet she wonders if my love for her might be dead

My state of mind: RED



I drive at night and the evening air is cool

I head for home thinking of the missus; she calls me her bull

My day wasn’t bad, better than I had hoped

I can’t stop smiling; I know I must look pretty doped

When I get home, maybe I would soak for a while in the pool

Or who knows what plans the missus has for my tool

I pull into the curb and switch off the cars’ engine

And there stands the missus, beautiful and never aging

I hurry to her; eyes wide and nostrils flared, for love has turned me to a fool

There is no way I can fight her magnetic pull

My state of mind: BLUE



I work so hard and yet my business seems near to topple

My secretary is reenacting ‘Eden’, she being the serpent, at the same time, the apple

My In-laws seem to want a new house

And my elder brother just confessed about his weakness for whores

I am very much amused, coming home to see my sons engaged in a grapple

While the missus watches them while stretching her feet on a stool made from maple

I get a call telling me that my step-dad is sick and dying

And then another telling me I lost a contract I had been eyeing

I sink into the nearest sofa, my line of thoughts, far from being supple

My mind; a complete ruffle

My state of mind: PURPLE



Once you go dark, you can never come back

This is the thought cycling my mind like an unending track

The missus called it a bribe, I called it a push

I got her a diamond necklace and told her shush

My PA is scared shitless because I threatened her with a sack

And I just I overheard my driver swear to someone that I was on high on crack

A rival company came a-visiting, bearing an olive branch

But they were like werewolves let loose in a ranch

I knew better but I cussed at them knowing it would leave a mark

And somewhere in-between, in a British accent, I said “fark”

My state of mind: BLACK



I gambled with my business and my chances were thin

It would have paid off if I had rather gone for a casino spin

How would the missus react if she hears this?

If my board knows, I would surely see no peace

With my lace untied, the shoe having lost its sheen

I rush to the bank not knowing whether I would loose or win

Again, I think of the missus and I feel distraught

In times like this I fear her wrath

My fears die down on seeing some digits on my banker’s PC screen

I breathe in fresh air as my success leaves me smiling like Mr. Bean

My state of mind: Green



I jog round my neighborhood, pausing now and then to say hello

I go past my jogging mate; some old fellow

After that I have to attend to the kids and the missus

I have to play the chauffer and for entertainment sake; their money source

From KFC to a public pool, but first an old friend; Mr. Bello

I wonder why my son says a girl is acting like Lilo

A big splash from a fat kid who can’t swim

A classic breast-slip from a lady causing her to scream

Then I see my boy meeting friends and saying “what’s the dealo?”

I ignore them all, wear my sunshades and adjust my shirt; a polo

My state of mind: YELLOW



The choir mistress’s daughter wears a skirt, a tad too tight

I stand in a queue behind her and with a straight face, I drop my tithe

The sermon is on morality and corruption

Makes me think of all the wrong I have done and for that I pray for absolution

I remember there is a big line between wrong and right

But I know it’s hard to take the right part without a fight

I drive the missus and the kids’ home, riding slowly;

From the radio, gospel music stream in serenely

As night comes, I pray to God that he keeps me in the light

I sleep peacefully, and then Monday is in sight

My state of mind: WHITE


12 thoughts on “State of Mind” by weirdpile (@weirdpile)

  1. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    And White it shall remain IJN. This is beautiful man, 10 Gbosas, MSOM : Golden. hehehe

    1. Golden shey?…Lol!

  2. Ha! This is beautiful, fresh and engaging.

    Nice work!

  3. This is supposed to be creative?
    I think it is, but it is kind of silly too.

    1. @kaycee…Creatively silly it is then

  4. bros well done with this

  5. good job, smart one

  6. Wow. Twas fun reading this.

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