Maniac or Angelic

Maniac or Angelic

Hack down, hack down!

kill every last one in town.

take no thought, waste no time,

Do it now, in your prime.


Stop at nothing when there’s wanting,

enter the realm, despite the mountain.

Spare not to burn the enemy within,

and pack up the trash into the coffin.


Careful, careful, let no one catch you

make thine deeds discreet and low

let them wonder, while they wander,

all that matters is no more hunger.


Some live to die, some die to live,

but spare no class, do what you must.

Who knows, tomorrow might never be,

so feel their anguish, not with disgust.


Time is running, what’s the count?

Ten, twenty, there’s need to do more

Lose not focus, dare not to faint,

gird thine loins, ahead there’s more.


Softly tread, there’s one in front,

shoulders weighed down, heavy with sorrow,

feel their cries but do what you must,

purge one today, free our tomorrow.


Night has come, it’s time to rest,

lo thoughts flow in from the past,

though eyes closed, emotions unfold,

images, words, from yesterday today.


You killed my fears and gave me succour,

you despised yourself to meet my want,

you shared your burger for my hunger,

your words, they helped me survive the plight,


your hands they wiped my tear-filled eyes

you helped me up, and showed me the way

I now can sail despite the waves

Sire, your good deeds, only God can repay!

14 thoughts on “Maniac or Angelic” by EXCELLENCY (@excellency)

  1. Very interesting poem, but I do not get the title.

    1. Will a man be counted as crazy for going all out to heal the world around him, or would he be called an angel. Today’s world makes it seem like doing good is silly… Thanks for the compliment @chimzorom

  2. Flows like a song.
    Nice one.

  3. Is it the dead people thanking the killers for actually freeing them from life’s troubles?!

    1. @babyada, the last two stanzas are accolades from those people the main character helped in life

  4. This is a really good poem. Well done

    1. Thanks @Myne, I appreciate

  5. Interesting!Kudos.

    1. Thanks @uchechukwu

  6. Inspired, by the so much wrong and want around us, it will appear crazy to begin an attempt to cure the ills of the world. Nevertheless dare to be angel…

  7. @excellency
    nice write………………….

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